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Jul 282010

You may not have heard of Exorcists Vs. Demons, or “EvD” to its fans, but let me just tell you: It’s one of those type of games where you wander in, stop…. and go “Wow.” I originally got sucked into it at the end of March, when a friend said to me, “Look at the artwork on this one!” That’s all it takes to hook me, I’m afraid.

Indeed, the artwork is sharp, but what keeps me there is the unique gameplay. It’s a Mission List type game like Mafia Wars (although Vampire Wars fans will be more likely to enjoy this one) but unlike Zynga Wars, this one has a truly enjoyable storyline. Complete with unlockable comic book pages. I love it when someone has a story to tell. Especially a funny one.

And you can’t ignore an average Facebook rating of 4.9/5.0 (out of 1,700 reviews). That sort of rating is really hard to get – and well deserved.

I usually jump right into the action when I log into this game, but a week or so ago I noticed something in their news section mentioning winning $100,000. When I was a kid, I told my parents: “When I grow up, I wanna win the lotto.” With that in mind, imagine my excitement when I saw that I could enter a sweepstakes for that much money!

So I looked into it, because as you know if you’ve read any of my articles about scams – I really hate scams. This one’s NO scam – in fact, This giveaway is backed by Publishers Clearing House. PCH is famous for giving away large cash prizes since the 1960’s – so they’re pretty established.

You can enter once a day – they need your address and email (in case you win, how else will they send the money?) Joe Ziznewski (founder of Dark Roast Media, the game’s developer) assures me that they don’t even look at your info, and PCH only uses it for prize verification – no spam emails or anything. I’ve been entering myself for the last week or so, and I personally have not seen anything to be alarmed about.

So if that sounds alright to you, head over to Exorcists vs. Demons and give it a shot. Scroll to the bottom of the page – Look for a crazy skeleton like the guy pictured on the right. Don’t forget to enter every day! Follow this link to play Exorcists vs. Demons..

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  5 Responses to “Exorcists Vs Demons – What would you do with $100,000 in real cash?”

  1. Ok how did I miss this one? I think I’m going to really enjoy it if only for the story.Thanks for the heads up.

  2. avatar

    Couldnt find the sweepstakes. Will play the game,looks interesting. $100,000 WOW. Being retired it would do so much for us.

  3. @Linda Harling: Please find the Sweepstakes Entry towards the bottom of the Home page inside the application. I really hope you enjoy our game.

  4. I tried it a bit and do not like it. Will not be playing it even for a chance to win $100 000.

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