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Jul 242013

Here’s a bunch of new stuff that I found this morning. Hopefully I found something for a game that you play.. if you play something else, comment and let me know so I can keep an eye on it for you!

I’ll try to do them 2-3 times a week, but I am still working out what the best days to do it.


Here’s what you do. Visit every day, and see if there’s a freebie for your game.  Also, please share the link with your friends, so they can also benefit from this service.

Important: I was personally able to claim these gifts the same morning of this post.  It is possible that these links will expire after some time. When this happens is out of my control, and is based on the individual game.  If you find one that has expired, please comment below as to which one and when (date/time) you tried it. This way, other visitors will know when one’s not working and skip it.



Rummage through the freebies below – hopefully you’ll find one for a game you play! Become a fan of The Facegamer fan page (link in left column) and get notified when more freebies pop up!

Here’s today’s compilation:

Criminal Case

Energy +5 Orange Juice 3000 Coins

Here Be Monsters

5 minute potion Starium Shimmer Seed


+3 Energy  Zoning Permit Colorful
Balloons x2

FarmVille 2

10 Water


Zynga Slots
1000 coins
4000 gems 

Monster World
150 coin 
3 woogoo 

Pearl’s Peril
5 cash 
2 energy 

Fantastic Forest
5 free woobies 

2000 coins, timber and glass

Free Cake decoration
Enter this code manually
At this link:
Enter Code for Car Town

Gardens of Time
Oasis Decoration
Energy Can
1000 silver
another energy can
1000 silver
1000 silver

Avengers Alliance
2 Shawarma
10 Unstable ISO-8
2 Team Stamina Boost

Blackwood and Bell
1000 Silver
2 Free Energy Cans
1000 Silver

10 Fabric
3 additional quests


Please share this post with your friends so they can benefit too! Have a great day!

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  3 Responses to “Multi-Game Swap Meet – July 24th 2013”

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    Are you able to get anything for FarmTown? That is the only game I play and I play it a lot! Thanks for any help you can give! I really appreciate the things that I can get from the Facegamer. Thanks again!

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    Hi, I have used your site for lots of games on facebook. I just started playing candy crush saga, and am getting so stuck on some of the levels, if I could have more moves, I would really enjoy the game more…….so do you have any plans of putting any help on that game here? Would really help us that can’t manage the game to good, haha

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