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Sep 132014

Hey! Over the course of the day I posted some game freebies that I found across Facebook.  Here’s everything I found for TODAY ONLY in one easy to find place.

Please remember that this type of freebie is usually a limited-time thing only for the day it’s posted (and maybe for the next day, so it’s worth trying, just in case)

If something isn’t working anymore, let everyone know in the comments and I’ll mark them as expired.


Criminal Case – 3000 Free Coins [9/11/2014]

Pearl’s Peril – FREE ticket to the Captain’s Challenge [9/12/2014]

Criminal Case – Free Lucky Card [9/12/2014]

Criminal Case – 5 Free Energy [9/13/2014]

Cityville – 3 FREE Tempered Glass [9/13/2014]

Pearl’s Peril – 2 FREE Cash [9/13/2014]

Avengers Alliance – 2x FREE Small Energy [9/13/2014]

Voyage to Fantasy – 10 FREE Emeralds [9/13/2014]

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  2 Responses to “Freebies Digest for 9/13/2014 – Free things for many Facebook games”

  1. Do you have freebies for Farm Town??????

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    I want free stuff

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