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Sep 112010

Updated Nov-10: Fixed Links so gifting works yet again. Will add the rest of the new gifts later. Sorry for the delay  ~The Facegamer

This is a gifter for Baking Life – not free stuff. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a Gifter is a page that allows you to gift hidden or restricted items to your friends. In this case, it removes the level restrictions on all the Baking Life gifts. I’m fully aware that it’s probably only going to be used to gift carrot cake (level 41 restriction normally) but I thought I might as well just include everything. I’m only level 25, so I’m happy I was able to find this. My friends probably are too (Not sure if they noticed the carrot cake gifts from the newbie BL player) 😛
And before you ask – You may be aware of my previous Baking Life post (Baking Life One-Time Goodies) that had freebies in them. Since then, the devs at BL changed the way that free food from wall posts work (which is what those were). So… I won’t be able to make any more posts like that. So sorry. :/


  1. Select the picture of the item that you wish to gift. A new window will open…
  2. Choose your friends and send!
  3. Share this page with your friends!

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  31 Responses to “Baking Life – UNLOCKED Gifter – no level restrictions”

  1. This doesn’t work….

  2. how about Cafe Life I wish you could do something on it in getting coins faster thanks…

  3. These still work, just wanted to say thank you! 🙂

  4. i need a lot of food as gifts and i need a bunch of burb b gone. is there any way that i can get it without spending money? i cant get the magazines,so thats definetly not an option. i know you can do it when u change your chocolate shelf but geesh helppppppppp, please

  5. avatar

    How can I send these walls I bought as gift to someone? It doesn’t let me!

  6. My friend and I seem to be stuck on the same goals. I have cooked the choc cake and the almond crosoints a mill times and it’s sayin on 3/5 and 2/7. It wont change and she says on her game, she’s having that same problem. Any advice on this?

  7. avatar

    I cheat a lot in this game but I need more friends/neighbors!! find me and hit me up! we’ll help eachother out!!!

  8. it is working..!!thnx..

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