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Apr 302011

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Contained within this post fryer aprons and spider strainers for 2nd Fryer Goal #3.

To go back to the main list, follow this link.

Read the new guide and watch the new video. Even if you get the “something’s wrong in the kitchen” message, you will probably still get them. Just go through the motions and check your cafe afterwards. As in, refresh your game after you’re done getting your goodies.

Items do not immediately show up in your cafe. It might take up to 5 minutes to show up. You can speed this up by doing something that refreshes your cafe, such as refreshing the page, or starting to cook something on a stove.

If these don’t work for you, I am sorry. I’ve done everything I can to help you already. There’s nothing more I can do.


  1. Select the picture of the ingredient that you want. A new window/tab will open. (It may take a minute or two to fully load – that’s a problem in Cafe World and not something I can control)
  2. NEW: Paste your friend’s Facebook ID after “from=0” and press enter. Make sure not to erase the text that comes afterwards. If you are having problems with this step, read “Making the Links Work Again
  3. If you’re not getting all the ingredients, refresh THIS BLOG PAGE and try again. Doing so gets new timestamps, making it much likelier you’ll get what you need the second time around.
  4. Share this page with your friends!

2nd Deep Fryer III

  • Ask for 6 Fryer Aprons – ask friends or see below.
  • Ask for 8 Spider Strainers – ask friends or see below.
  • Cook 2 Deep Fried Turkeys – Cook and delete

Rewards: 2nd Fryer buildable

Apron 1 Apron 2 Apron 3 Apron 4 Apron 5 Apron 6

Strainer 1

Strainer 2

Strainer 3

Strainer 4

Strainer 5

Strainer 6

Strainer 7

Strainer 8

And I’ll say it again. Just because it says “Something’s wrong in the kitchen” doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Refresh your game and they may show up. If they still didn’t show up, refresh THIS page and try again.


I hope that you find this useful. Please share it with your friends if you do.  

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Cafe World is a trademark of Zynga Game Network. All images are copyright of their respective owners. No portion of this article may be reproduced without express written permission of The Facegamer ©2011

ATTENTION 3-07-2011 ~ THERE ARE NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLAIMING GOODIES. Read the instructions on Making the Links Work For You Again. There’s a video there too, so watch it! Failure to heed the instructions will leave you empty-handed. ~The Facegamer

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  11 Responses to “Cafe World – 2nd Fryer Goals #3 – Fryer Aprons and Spider Strainers”

  1. avatar

    Thanks so much for all you do to keep these gifts uptodate I really Appreciate the time and work you do to do this.!!

  2. Thanks SO much for these….they really help. Another shortcut you can take is, once you’ve pasted in the user ID, just change a digit or two at the END of the url, after the &time= and hit enter to reload the page…much easier than pasting in the user ID or whatever times! 🙂

  3. just want to say thanks for everything

  4. just wanted to say thanks for all your help and hard work.

  5. In case you haven’t heard, the majority of us are retired, disabled or just cant see. Why cant you make the screen to what it does in Fishworld, where you can have it at the size you have, then with a click can accuallly see what you are doing, and 3rd, if you leave it alone for a minute it goes to total screed and is sooo awesome. Please make the cafe bigger, It’s so hard to see the artwork done to decorate the room, and it’s just aggravating to feel like you are a mile from your cafe. Please please please

  6. Is there a limit on the number of neighbors that you are allowed in Cafe World? I can’t add any more than 23. I would like to add the new neighbors, but also keep the others. Can you please help me with this problem?
    Thank you.

  7. The other day I stated these weren’t working, I was getting the “something went wrong” no matter what I did. Later I went to my game again and what I had clicked on had made it to my game!!
    Thanks, We ALL DO appreciate all your “trouble” in helping us. zynga is a crappy game company.

  8. You have been most helpful, I really am glad to come across the Facegamer!

  9. Refreshing still does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sometimes it seems not to work which is fine I’m not too bothered by it but I know it has nothing to do with my end is it when you’re loading up new goals for us to collect that might be causing a malfunction as I’ve noticed that it’ will happen say in the late am or early pm (EST) my time but be fine by evening the times I put are only an example if this is the case maby you should close the program down while doing your thing just a thought and thank-you so much for all you are doing I understand you do this alone and it must be a major undertaking for you again thank-you and God bless <3

  11. hi all I would like to have more neighbors! I would like to know how to have friends q are not in my facebook later Happy Thanksgiving!

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