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May 042012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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5-22-2012 – This set has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG

Added Copper Hard Drive, Copper Motor, Copper Heating Coil and Copper Burner Ring.  I hate when they sneak those in later. *grumble* ~The FG

I’m so unhappy about these goals that I can’t even say anything nice.  I don’t know how they think I can get the Graphite Goals AND this done within their respective time limits.  If you can, I’m happy for ya though.  I don’t have any of the specific goal info though, sorry. Ran out of spice and patience.  I’m sure someone respectable will put it in the comments though, so check there or the forums.

TIP:  After putting your stove out as directed in Goal #1, put it away during goal #2 and pull out a more useful stove. You don’t need the 6x frame to be taking up a slot in your cafe. Finish the goals first and THEN take it back out of your inventory.


These should be easier for you to collect. If you’re wondering, I do intend to go to the older stuff and fix them up like these, but for now, it’s only working on the ones I mention it on.

Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.


Possible that there’s a Copper Heating Coil and Burner Ring, but I haven’t found the code for it(yet)

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions






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  55 Responses to “Cafe-World – Copper 6x Stove Goals Help”

  1. 6×50% stoves seam worth the time but the 3 day cooking quest are getting boring and Impossible If you miss your main crew that cook. Thanks for your work. There are a few bots that work in Cafe World Gift box plus(collects bonus off your wall) but the other bot Botoholic is a waste.they also cover most of Zyanga’s games. theres a trial so if you check it out use the free trial for both. Have seen some that are leveling really fast guess thats a Bot 800 levels in 3 days. thanks again

  2. gift box plus google it I really like it and it helps my friends that are begging for stuff thats not here on Facegamer wish I had proof read my post above. thanks again Facegamer friends you are GREAT

  3. well, looks like another stove I won’t get!!! Posted endlessly for the bolt and stuff and can’t get anyone to give it to me and I don’t have the freaking cash to buy it……these stove goals are really annoying me (that’s the polite word)!

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      Carolyn, I totally agree! I didn’t even try for the bronze stove b/c I was already 5 over my “limit”, but couldn’t place that w/o taking out 6. I went ahead and did it for these, even tho I knew it was highly unlikely I’d get the full 6 burners (let alone the 50% upgrade). Anyway, feel free to add me (Christina Chambers); I always send back items requested (getting better about checking old requests, too), plus I play daily and rotate my gifts & requests, so I won’t load up your message center box.

  4. I too will miss the stove. I cannot get parts from friends and think the posts are actually not posting up anywhere. I love this game but it is too hard to make the time restraints…like I do have a day job….Thanks Facegamer for all you do to help us.

  5. This is just me verbalizing. I want more time to work on the 6x stoves. How can you add more items to it and not add more time!. I also think that after a level ?? 1000 I think you should be able to buy all spices with coins. What else are we collecting all these coins. Just a thought..

  6. All the items needed are here on Facegamer, I never post for anything, everything I need is here.

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    I have a question. Why don’t you have help for the Stove Shops?

    • The Stove Shop items are on a different system — they said above that they are like how the “safe” quests were. I would have quit CW long ago if it weren’t for Facegamer! Thank you for all you help us with!

  8. I have the same problem with posting and asking for parts. I have a couple hundred neighbors, but I get very little help, if any. If it wasn’t for the “shop” I think I might’ve been able to finish the goals because of all the help here from Facegamer. Unfortunately, those are 2 stoves that now sit incomplete in my inventory. Does anyone know if we can still complete them or is it just not worth it anymore?

    Thanks Facegamer for all your hard work!!! I would’ve quit playing CW a long time ago if not for you. You’re the greatest and all your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  9. Can this site be bookedmark on facebook it would be so much easyer to just click it then to go back and forth from your page then back to mine. and i would like to know if any of the older mission work i still have to do a lot of the old one. Just let me know.

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      Linda, if the older missions u need weren’t timed they should still show in your missions & quests list, and u can still work on them. Be forewarned, occasionally zynga will choose one of your old ones & suddenly put a time limit on it, in which case u have to choose if u want to work on it. basically, tho, u can work on any mission that shows in your list. Good luck! Add me if u wish (Christina Chambers); I play daily, always respond to requests (except catering requests for food that I’m not cooking), and rotate my requests so I don’t fill up your message box. 🙂

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    Working on Copper 6X Ultra for second time. At least this time I made it to Step 15 which for me requires 18 copper switches (no sweat thanks to Facegamer-TY) 160 Fennel Sausage Dogs [1 day base cooking time] and 160 Chicken Adobo {14 hour base cooking time}. So will wind up with a 6x slow stove if they don’t extend the time limit cause after serving from gift box I am still 57 stoves short.

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