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Oct 072010

Thanks to Nyhirah for the links!

Here’s the gifting links for the drink bar. You can hand it to Cafe World for making sure that there’s plenty of things to do in their game. If you’re not cooking, then you’re either building fairy statues, stoves, your catering van, and now this thing.

As of this writing, the functionality of the Drink Bar is “coming soon”. I would imagine that it’s going to work along the lines of the coffee station, using energy and what-not. But that’s just speculation on my part. How do you think it will work?

The only caveat I’ve found with this hidden feature is that the gifts will probably not show up in your Zynga Message Center (the thing with gifts that opens when you play Cafe World) so you may have to accept them from the Facebook Requests page. If you need to go there, use this link:

Facebook Requests for CW: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#confirm_101539264719_0

By the way, These are GIFTING links, not freebies, and not ask-for links. Use it to send stuff to your friends, or share this blog post on your profile and ask your friends to use it to send gifts to you!


  1. Select the picture of the item that you want to SEND to your friends.
  2. A window will pop up with a list of your friends to choose from. Select and send.
  3. If it doesn’t load or your list is empty, refresh that page or try again later. Zynga’s servers might be having issues. It wouldn’t be anything that I can fix.
  4. Share with your friends


If you still need the other Cafe World gifters, here they are:

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  86 Responses to “Cafe World – Drink Bar Gifter”

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    is there anything for the “stock up” section of the drink bar?

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      I was wondering the same thing !! Have you got any info on the stock up section of the drink bar??

  2. If any of you would be interested in having me as a neighbour for cafe world so I can send you gifts and recieve them back, I would appreciate it. Add me atie2980@yahoo.com

    • avatar

      I would also like to be neighbors in Cafe world. There are 3 Charles Claypoole’s on facebook. I have a suit on in my profile picture which was taken on my couch.

    • avatar

      There are a couple of Atie Rosman’s on FB. What is does your profile pic look like?

  3. avatar

    I would also love to be neighbors in Cafe World with anyone interested. Please send me a message about Cafe World with your friend request and I will add you.


  4. how do i get the drink bar in my cafe world??????

  5. avatar

    I have my drink bar… BUT… I’ve also got my coffee machine, and I can’t seem to find parts for it… the Get Barista… aprons, sugar packets, etc…. am I missing something?? Maybe I need more coffee, it is early. LoL

  6. I really need help getting the parts to the barista and bartender on the drinks and the coffee machine… I looked for them and couldnt find them… Please help

    • Hi, I was away from cafeworld for a long while, on and off. these freebies and gifting page used to work for me but now, I don’t seem to be getting to the above mentioned “names to be gifted page” either. I was redirected to a gifting page with the dishes and some parts.
      Any ideas on how I can get the parts for the drink bar?

      thanks 🙂

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  8. None of these part gifters function the way they are supposed to it will take you to your gifting page, guess Zynga decided it made it too easy. please notify on main page creator ! and thank you for all the hard work you do to put these links up for use!

  9. How do I get my drink bar in my CW? I started playing in 2012 but never received it. thanks,

  10. I also don’t have my coffee bar 🙁

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