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Jan 052012

This is a “Parts Gifter” for the newest buildable, the Dutch Oven. It is NOT freebies, but an alternate way of building it.

This buildable is part of the new Wild Game goals. It is necessary to complete the buildable as it unlocks recipes that you gain through the goal series. Other than that, it really does nothing.

Post this to your OWN wall, and then ask your friends for specific items in the status. You can use the blue “share” button below, or copy the link to this page into your status bar.

I’ll say it again. These are GIFTING links, not freebies, and not ask-for links. Use it to send stuff to your friends, or share this blog post on your profile and ask your friends to use it to send gifts to you!


  • Select the picture of the item that you want to SEND to your friends.
  • A window will pop up with a list of your friends to choose from.
  • Select and send.If it doesn’t load or your list is empty, refresh that page or try again later. Zynga’s servers might be having issues. It wouldn’t be anything that I can fix
  • Share this post with your friends!



To get you friends to send you stuff:
  • Share this post on your wall. You can use this blue button , or copy the link from your browser, and then paste it into your status bar in Facebook.

I hope this has been useful to you. Don’t forget to share with your friends.


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  3 Responses to “Cafe World – Dutch Oven Parts Gifter”

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    Thanks for all the work you do, I really appreciate your help!

  2. avatar

    I so much appreciate your help, I accomplished so much because of you…..thank you.
    There is one thing I wish you can do…. that these gifts can be also be claimed by the sender. It is so frustrating waiting for items that are never received and it doesn’t matter how many time I send them, because they gift I get back is completely different than what I need. I love gifting, but I also like for osme to come back lol……..
    Again, thank you

  3. Looking for the actual goal items for the Dutch Oven too… can’t remember what the actual Name of the whole thing was..

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