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Apr 092011

Hello, here are the goals I can help you with for the Aloha Joe and Lisa series.  Remember if you are having problems, READ The Instructions, and WATCH the video.

Thanks go to Paul S. and Shelle for helping with much of the information.

Also, even if you’re getting the “something’s wrong in the kitchen message”, it is still likely that you got the item. So go through the motions, and then when you’re done – check your cafe.

A word regarding collection…

Since I created the video, Zynga changed goal item collecting AGAIN. The video is still pretty much the same except you don’t see a picture of the item anymore. You will always get the “something wrong in the kitchen” message. Just refresh the game and it should  show up.
If it is STILL not showing up even after you have read the instructions, watched the video and gone through the motions: I’m very sorry but you are done. There is nothing more I can do to help you. I have done EVERYTHING I can POSSIBLY DO on my end to assist you. The problem is something having to do with you specifically. Either there is a problem with your computer that I can’t see, an instruction that you’re not following properly, or your cafe is glitched and if that’s the case, you have even bigger problems.
There are many people that are still able to do this successfully, including myself. So I KNOW it is working. The only things that have stopped working are VIP foods and energy.


If you need the Supreme Cuisine Pre-Qualify Stuff:

Also, check out the 4x Stove Goals if you need them:

Cafe World – Seven 4x Stove Goals added Sunday, March 20th

And the toaster oven goals at this link:

Cafe World – Tons of new posts for Wednesday, March 16th

And of course, you can find the complete list here:

Cafe World listing at The Facegamer

Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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  85 Responses to “Cafe World – Four Posts for the Aloha Joe and Lisa Goals – added Saturday April 9th”

  1. were do i get the lei from

  2. if you could figure out an easier way to get leis i’ll be so happy… my neighbors don’t help much anymore, they are upset I’m ahead of them and they dont wanna help me 🙁

  3. i can help u if u help me

  4. I need neighbours to help me complete Luau mission, there is way too much food and I only have 4 days left HELP!!! just add me if you will help, im sick of having cw friends that dont help with that stuff

  5. avatar

    somebody help me , ia am stuck on aloha lisa and joe 1 coz there seems no way to get leis.

  6. I’m stay at Aloha 7 with waiting 15 Leis and snowball waiting wish lists please help.

  7. HELP!!!!!
    I have done 525 Lomi Lomi
    525 Lomi Lomi
    50 Haupia
    So all the catering done!

    Can you all send me cocnut cups and seashells please??/

    14 hours to go


  8. What are the Pizza Goal 6 items?

  9. avatar

    Is there any chance you can post items for carting jobs?

  10. Does anyone have the GID for the sticky buns???

  11. Anyone get the vegetable oil for 2nd Deep Fryer I?

  12. Oil Strainer’s gid = 3410 for goal #2

  13. I need toothpicks and tasting forks for “a party for you palate” Where can i find them if they are available??

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