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Jul 132012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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ATTENTION CAFE WORLD PLAYERS: Due to changes Zynga/Cafe World made with their gifting system, the freebies found on this blog no longer work. It is completely out of my control, and not something I can fix. Believe me, I have TRIED. I encourage you to read about phentermine the other games that I write about on this blog. My apologies. I am disappointed too. If you want to read my rantings on this matter, you can see many on The Facegamer Fan Page. ~Jackie

Hello!  They’re back to their old game with this set of goals. In the Fred’s Farm goals, your rewards are 3 different ingredients, and a 1x 50% stove at the end.  The ingredients don’t seem like much of a reward though, since you must use your only copy in a Taste Lab dish in three of these goals.

Other than that, there’s not much to these goals. Eight fairly simple goals, untimed.

In regards to the Buckets:  The bucket used in goal #4 are different than the buckets in #8.  I know they look the same and are named the same, it’s not a duck. (So to speak)

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Zynga changed the error message you see when you click the links. It doesn’t matter. You ignored the old error message, so ignore this one too. I’ve been able to use my own blog’s links successfully and can tell you that they work JUST FINE.

Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.



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Fred’s Farm Goal #1 – Field of Dreams

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coins
Fred’s Farm Goal #2 – Bugs Be Gone!

Reward: Sourdough ingredient
Fred’s Farm Goal #3 – Feed the Seeds

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coins
Fred’s Farm Goal #4 -The Wishing Well

Reward: Bacon ingredient
Fred’s Farm Goal #5 – Weeds be Gone!

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coins
Fred’s Farm Goal #6 – Cream of the crop

Reward: Spinach ingredient
Fred’s Farm Goal #7 – Labor of Love

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coins
Fred’s Farm Goal #8 – Time to Harvest

  • Ask for Sample Bags – SEE THIS POST FOR HELP
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 105 Spring Chicken, yours may be different
  • Ask for Buckets – GO HERE! NOTE: These are different buckets than goal #4.

Reward: Fred Farm 1x 50% stove

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  10 Responses to “Cafe-World – Fred’s Farm Goals Help”

  1. Nice relaxing set of goals…..I needed that!

  2. avatar

    What is the sourdough recipe I need to cook I wasn’t paying attention when I finished the one before that? Anybody know? Thanks

    • just found it myself, you use it in the taste lab

      • They deleted all my recipes in the and ingredients in the Taste Lab area. Don’t know how to do this is nothing is listed. Where can I get sourdough to make? Can’t find it so don’t know if I received after doing previous goal. Any help where will help me “get unstuck and move on”. Thanks so much for your helping.

  3. avatar

    thank you Michelle

  4. avatar

    I am having the same problem. I did not pay attention to what I received in the previous goal and I can’t find anything that lists sourdough as part of the meal. I don’t even know what a taste lab is, so I’m sure I don’t have that either. Any help?

  5. I am having the exact problem. It said I received it, but I have no idea where I can find any sourdough. It is not in any of the recopies nor in any of my stations.

    • avatar

      it says i have to buy it for 25 cafe cash…I never got it after completing the second task…what gives?

    • avatar

      open the recipe book and at the top you will see signature dishes and taste test, click on taste test and then click on create, you should see sourdough listed.

  6. I just discovered today that this set of goals is gone for me even though last I saw they were still untimed and I was only on part 3.

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