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Feb 152011

ATTENTION 2-28-2011 ~ GOOD NEWS. You can still claim freebies by adding a friend’s Facebook ID to the link where it says “from=0”. Change the 0 to the Facebook ID of one of your friends. For a better explanation, please visit Making the Links Work Again.   ~The Facegamer.

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Here’s a gifter for the new Fridge project. This is an alternative way of completing the project, which many people seem to prefer. The gifter part is towards the middle of this post, after a lot of explanations that I would appreciate you reading.

Normally, you would have to send “ask for” type requests from inside the game to specific friends and hope and hope some more that you picked the right type of friends that would respond to your request.

Instead, you can use this by linking it to your wall, and asking in general that any available friends send you whatever part you happen to need. This is how I use gifters like this. I link it, ask for whatever part, and remove it from my wall as soon as I get what I need, then repost it, and ask for a different part.. remove it when I get the parts I need.. etc etc.

Alternatively, you can just use this to gift the parts to your friends.

You’ll need 10 Crisper Drawers, 10 Condenser Coils,10 Door Shelves and 10 Thermostat Controls. When you “ask for more” in the game, you are able to post a wall post that asks your friends for more. So there shouldn’t be tooooo much trouble getting those parts. But there’s always this gifter in case you still need a hand. Paste the link to this page in your status and ask your friends for specific parts, or just use it to send stuff to your friends. You can also use the blue “share” button on this page to share it on your wall.

There ARE goals that pop up once you finish your fridge. Well, they didn’t pop up for me until it was done, but looking at the text for the first goal, it should have popped up before it was completed. Anyway. There are three, in fact. I’m on the second one right now, so I can’t really tell you what’s up with the third one. But I CAN say that you’re going to need to serve 14 belgian waffles for part 1 and 15 french onion soup for part 2. You can start cooking in advance for part 2 once your fridge is nearly done.

The full text for part 1 & 2 are:

Fridge it! I:

  • Place the Fridge Builder ~ Whatever.
  • Serve Belgian Waffles 14 times ~ 2 hour cook time or less, depending on your stove.
  • Earn 5,000 coins ~ easy peasy

Fridge it! II:

  • Complete the Fridge Builder ~ **yawn**
  • Spice 5 Friends Stoves ~ also easy peasy
  • Serve French Onion Soup 15 Times ~ 4 hour cook time or less, depending on your stove.

Fridge it! III:

Beats me, I haven’t gotten there yet. But check the comments. I’m sure a fellow reader will eventually put the requirements in the comments, and I’ll come back to this page once I get to it myself.


  1. Select the picture of the item that you want to gift. A new window/tab will open. (It may take a minute or two to fully load – that’s a problem in Cafe World and not something I can control)
  2. Select the friends that you wish to receive the gift.
  3. If you need to send different parts, come back here and select a different gift.
  4. Share this page with your friends!


Crisper Drawer for Cafe World FridgeDrawer
Door Shelf for Cafe World FridgeDoor Shelf
Thermostat Control for Cafe World FridgeThermostat

I hope that you find this useful. Please share it with your friends if you do.

If you still need the other Cafe World gifters, here they are:

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    The Refrigerator part III is serve 20 cheeseburgers, serve 20 Chips and Guacamole dip, and serve 4 french onion soups.

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    I have the refridgerator built but only 3 shelves. How do you unlock additional shelves?

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