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Mar 152010

Spice Rack Many Cafe World players are familiar with the “Great Lid and Large Jar Famine of 2010”. Whole spice racks remain unfinished it the wake of this horrible catastrophe. Well, no longer! Below you will find links that allow you to gift ANY of the Spice Rack items – not just the ones on your giftables list. No more having to beg, plead, or do shameful favors in order to receive the last couple of pieces you need. Have your (nice) friends come here and use these links!

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Jar Lids Large jar Medium Jar
Small Jar Spice Shelf Mystery Spice

If you still need the other Cafe World gifters, here they are:

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  299 Responses to “Cafe World – Give ANY Spice Rack piece”

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    I so love Cafe World and all these extra’s but for about 2 months now I haven’t been able to play my game Ive tried the suggestions from the other sites for slow game or you used different wording everrytime I try to touch anything it stops my game however I was able to finally cook on my stoves I am very thankful for that are there any other suggestions on what I can do I simply love this game and don’t want to give up on it just yet seems the higher up I get the slower the game is and the more problems I have playing I can’t visit my neighbors and I simply love seeing their Cafes and getting ideas on what I can change in mine Ive only been playing for about 4 months but Im addicted to the game Im disabled and my sister told me about the game and she was right I was hooked I found myself setting the alarm to take dishes off and everything PLEASE HELP ME KEEP PLAYING PLEASE I LOVE CAFE WORLD

    • i play cafeworld too it sounds might be your pc specs we have multiple pcs here and 1 is hopeless, look at what else you have going at time eg multi windows. can you upgrade your specs on your pc. maybe it needs clean out or reboot. add me as neighbour i dont know whether its the game or your pc i suppose youll have to check that eg does it work on a different pc friends or cafe internet place

  2. @Tara Waggoner

    Most of the time is not the game is the people computer you need to see if your computer has the capacity to use Cafe World .. you need to know if your system has the requirements for play the game (sorry for my English) ..
    1. Turn off any programs that are not in use.(the more programs you use the less RAM you have) computer usually move really slow if you don’t have enough ram.
    2. Update any video card drivers available. (this could another problem)
    3. You can also review How To Speed Up Your Computer

    I hope this help… take care, God Bless!!

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    Please add me

  4. Why do none of the spice gifts go through? We are always being told the item has been collected!….grrrrr

  5. Add me….I need help

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    add me……i need more neighbor to complete my spice rack and super stove…im level 24 @ cafe world n i play farmville too,.im level 43 2 farmville 🙂

  7. I tried to send mystery spices (I have a few fb accounts) and I am getting the message that I already accepted this in the message center, which I didn’t. Any clues?

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