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Jun 092012

This is a “Parts Gifter” for the newest buildable, Hotdog Cart, which is part of the Summer Days Event. To View the associated goals, please follow this link to the Hot Dog Cart Goals Help Page.

It is NOT freebies, but an alternate way of building it.

At this time, I have NO IDEA what it is for, so I thought I’d figure it out. Clicking on the ? would surely clear up the mystery, wouldn’t it?

Wait, what?  How many Americans are in one of these hotdogs?

Alright, that didn’t solve anything, so I just bit the bullet and build the darn thing.

Again, I say: What?  It doesn’t appear to do anything.  Right now, at any rate.  I’m going to take a wild guess and suggest that perhaps we will need to do catering to upgrade it.  That’s just a guess though.  You DO need to build this to get through the goals, so there’s that. <shrug>

NEW: The purpose of the Hot Dog Cart has been discovered!  To view the associated goals, please follow this link to the Hot Dog Cart Goals Help page.

Post this to your OWN wall, and then ask your friends for specific items in the status. You can use the blue “share” button below, or copy the link to this page into your status bar. I’ll say it again. These are GIFTING links, not freebies, and not ask-for links. Use it to send stuff to your friends, or share this blog post on your profile and ask your friends to use it to send gifts to you!


  • Select the picture of the item that you want to SEND to your friends.
  • A window will pop up with a list of your friends to choose from.
  • Select and send.If it doesn’t load or your list is empty, refresh that page or try again later. Zynga’s servers might be having issues. It wouldn’t be anything that I can fix
  • Share this post with your friends!
To get you friends to send you stuff:
  • Share this post on your wall. You can use this blue button , or copy the link from your browser, and then paste it into your status bar in Facebook.


Propane Tank Copper Tubing Ketchup Bottle Mustard Bottle

I hope this has been useful to you. Don’t forget to share with your friends.    

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  8 Responses to “Cafe-World – Hot Dog Cart Parts Gifter”

  1. Hello friends, its fantastic paragraph concerning teachingand entirely defined, keep it up all the time.

  2. There is now a questline to unlock the recipes for the Hot Dog Cart.

  3. when will the new parts for the hot dog cart start showing up on facegamer ? ty

    • avatar

      I’m noticing the neighbors are able to post ask neighbors for help cooking on the hot dod cart…Is there a way???? Please Share…ty

  4. i just want to thank u soo much for all ur help! you are soo wonderful for all ur help just wish there was a way we could get help with the food to finish up some of the goals they have since they be killing us with soo much lately
    especially for the stoves and stuff

  5. This Hot Dog Cart is so frustrating! I have been sending these parts to friends for a long time now. They show up on the gifts for them to accept but then the parts disappear. I KNOW that my friends and I should have been done with this cart a LONG time ago. Is anyone else noticing that even when you go thru the regular “ASK” channel you don’t get credit for the part? HHHHEEEEELLLLPPP!
    By the way, thank you Facegamer for this site. It has helped so much in all my games.

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