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Aug 252012


1 The Rant
2 How to Block Cafe World
3 Ten Restaurant games that would love to have you.
4 Show your support with PicBadges

The Rant

Oh yes, I am definitely bitter. If you accuse me of it, I won’t deny it.

Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, The Cafe World team at Zynga recently made changes to their gifting system which prevents helper websites such as this blog from working. I’m so very disappointed, as you probably are too if you used this or other helper websites to assist you with your goals.

I feel that this is probably the last nail in Cafe World’s coffin. And they nailed it there themselves. They will definitely lose players over this, and I know for a fact that some of them are paying customers.  I was one.  I bought the Unspoil Genie way back  when you could only buy it for $50 in Cafe Cash, and I’ve bought CC on occasion to help finish up  Multi-Stage Begfests, and to test some of their weirder features. I know there are others like me.

The game has seen steadily decreasing numbers, in terms of active users, for quite some time now. At the height of its popularity, CW boasted 30.5 million monthly active users (MAU). Now before I tell you where they are now, I want to say that Zynga has closed games when they dipped below 2 million MAU, such Dragon Wars and Roller Coaster Kingdom. According to AppData, a website that keeps track of the popularity of Social Games, Cafe World is currently at 2.6 million.  Let that sink in a bit.

Uncertain Future: Probably not a good time to buy Cafe Cash.

I took this screenshot of AppData’s Cafe World page on 8/24 while I prepped for this article. You can see that in just the last 7 days, Cafe World has lost 20,000 players. Gee, I wonder why.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they are done playing Cafe World, now with what happened this week.  I’ve even seen many people repost a message stating that Zynga should be sent a message by having people “Unlike” the Cafe World fan page.  While I can appreciate the sentiment behind it, it falls short of its intended goal.  I believe that Zynga only cares about the Monthly Active (MAU) users. This number is part of the data that Zynga stock holders have access to, not “Likes”.
(See PrivCo’s report on Zynga here)

The way to affect this number is to BLOCK Cafe World.  And if you are truly done with Cafe World, you really should block it anyway.  By doing so, your name will no longer appear on your neighbors gift lists for that game (which they will appreciate) , and you won’t be bothered by Cafe World posts cluttering up your newsfeed. It is really not enough to say “Well, I won’t play but I’ll return my friends’ requests”.  You’d count as an active player if you did that.

I have to say here that if you still want to play Cafe World, fine. Knock yourself out.  But if you’re leaving anyway, you should probably do it right.

How to block Cafe World:

  1. Go to the Cafe World Fan Page, found here: Cafe World Fan Page
  2. Near the top of the page, just under the Cover art and to the right, you will find a small button that looks like a gear. Click it.
  3.  In the drop-down menu that appears, click “Block App”.
  4. In the pop up that follows, click “Okay.”

You will get a confirmation, and then you can go on your merry way.

Step by Step Visual Guide for a less stressful life.

Ten Restaurant Games that would love to have you

I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging without a restaurant game to take the place of Cafe World, and I’m still too hurt to recommend ChefVille right now.  I would much rather steer you towards a game whose developer wouldn’t treat you badly or try to milk you for all your money before kicking you to the curb, like SOME developer that I won’t name…  I’ve seen so many good games disappear over the years, like Playfish’s Restaurant City (which was also Cafe World’s “Inspiration”*coughcough*) and Baking Life.  I hope that in some small way, we can contribute to the success of those that remain.


In no particular order:

Show your Support with PicBadges

I have had a lot of feedback regarding what happened this week, and most of it was very kind and supportive.  Some people have mentioned that they would like to show their support in some way.  I have seen people add badges to their Facebook profile pics in support of various things, such as the closing of FGS, and thought perhaps of making some myself.  I have created two badges that you can choose from, as seen below:

 No Cafe World Badge  The Facegamer Logo Badge

Just click on the badge that you like to the PicBadge that you like and follow the prompts on their website.  It should be pretty easy. Personally, I prefer the No Cafe World badge more because it does the double duty of also telling people that I’m not playing CW anymore.

So, now that you’ve read all the way through this, what’s your opinion? Agree or Disagree, let everyone know in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading.

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  114 Responses to “Cafe-World – How to Block Cafe World plus 10 restaurant games to fill the void”

  1. I just got my internet back and came in here. I was very upset(putting it mildly) that zynga did this. Thank You for showing us how to BLOCK CW!!!! I was one of those that was always spending money every month BUT NO MORE…..I will try other games and spend my money there instead…… GOODBYE ZYNGA!!!!!

  2. I agree totally. Thanks for the instructions on how to block what used to be a fun game.

    I started to play Chefville but I just went to the forums to find some answers and it’s the same old thing. Older arrogant players lording it over the newbies, people being cranky and just plain mean. I can’t do this again.

  3. avatar

    Thanks for providing the shove I needed 2 get out of CW entirely. The pressure had gotten 2 b 2 much and I was only visiting the site once a day to fulfill friends’ request. Bradshaw’s platinum stove quest piqued my interest and prompted me 2 visit FG. Finding out that your gifting app was barred, made up my mind. CW is gone. Now, if I could get the same push to discontinue my other games….

  4. I’m with you. They messed up big time with all these changes. Game is worse now. Dropped 75,554 + since 8/24 when I started keeping track of it. I suggest do no only Block CW but DELETE it from your apps and games totally. This will help big time. If you ever want to play again, just add it back. I’ve posted numerous times to do this. Your site was great even though I hardly ever used it. Very informative.

  5. I just blocked it. It was too full of those pop ups trying too get you to buy more cafe cash everytime you did anything. And without facegamer – forget it! Bye bye cafeworld. Hello ChefVille. :>}

  6. They’re down to 2,100,000 MAU

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