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Jun 122010

Thanks to Cookie G. for this tip! 🙂


And just when we thought we were done building super stoves in Cafe World… it’s BACK TO THE KITCHEN! This time, the Lightning Super Stove does everything the old Super Stove does, but makes your cook time 10% faster. I’m not sure yet how it stacks with the level 3 mastery on each dish, but it could theoretically really improve the rate you level up. [fb-share]

I would say that I won’t be building any lightning stoves.. but the little scientist guy in the build-a-stove panel reminds me of “Doc” from Back to the Future. The part names add to that too.. flux switch, tesla coil, etc. The 10% seems pointless if you’ve only got one stove though… and I don’t know if I have the oomph to build 19 again.

By the way, it looks like even though we can only send a gift to a friend once a day, you can also request a part from the same friend once a day also. So, give and take!

These are GIFTING links, not freebies, and not ask-for links like what we had with the super stove. There is a way to ask for parts like the super stove, but you have to do it from the build-a-stove panel. Can’t send multiple parts to the same person this time, either.

NOTE: If you’ve completed a lightning stove but it’s not showing up in your inventory (under the gears section where you would buy stoves normally) you may have to file a ticket with Zynga to get it fixed. Please see this forum post for more information:


  1. Select the picture of the item that you want to SEND to your friends.
  2. A window will pop up with a list of your friends to choose from. Select and send.
  3. If it doesn’t load or your list is empty, refresh that page or try again later. Zynga’s servers might be having issues. It wouldn’t be anything that I can fix.

If you still need the other Cafe World gifters, here they are:

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  265 Responses to “Cafe World – Lightning Stove Gifting Links”

  1. part of the cafe world anniversary stuff there is a 50% lightning stove just apperaed in the last 24 hrs, for building. has anyone discovered the relevent gift links yet

  2. Do you have any links for the NEW 50% SUPER Lightening Stoves? If so, please post or send! Thanks!

  3. I used to be able to send out the lightning stove parts to the same person countless times but now i can only send once. What happened?

    • wondering if they fixed this… It’s happening to me too!!

    • You have to make sure u just click on the names of all the gifts first before you go on to the next step. Get them all ready to send, then go down the line and hit send. if u try to do them one at a time the name wont come up the next time.

  4. i’ve finished my super lightning stove how come i cant find it anywhere in cafe world?
    do you know where the lightning super stove is located after finishing it?>

  5. Jimmy at the bottom on CW click functional (by the chair icon) there u will see stoves, counters etc…u have to trade an older stove for the lightening one

  6. avatar

    I need help with my lightning stove parts need to upgrade several thanks

  7. avatar

    lightening stove links not working…have one gal that needs the tubes, and have always used this link to get her parts to her. no pictures to click???

  8. There are no pictures on the Lightning Stove Gift link. Is it the site or has it been ended.

  9. I am trying to get the parts for the lightening stove because i cant get anyone to send me parts, is there a link on here to help me get them for myself?. thankx

  10. Hi, as soon as I finished my captain super stove is gone, please help me to get it back.
    Thank you so much for your great help 🙂

  11. I just completed my lightening stove but i cant find it anywhere.Help me please.

  12. Please, how do I check all the unfinished tasks? thanks!

  13. Are their any gift links available to help friends build the Halloween Lightning Stove (Haunted Book x 10, Candy Coil x 10, Scary Switch x 10 & Tricky Tube x 1)???

  14. None of the parts for the lightening stove seem to work for me. I have tried the switches the tubes and I don’t go to my list of friends but to my CW gift page and I don’t have tubes in my gift page. I have tried several different days and had the same results. Have the parts links ended??

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