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Jul 132011

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Contained within this post are Makeup Boxes and Movie Lights for Lights Camera Cook #2. To go back to the main list, follow this link.


  1. Select the picture of the ingredient that you want. A new window/tab will open. (It may take a minute or two to fully load – that’s a problem in Cafe World and not something I can control)
  2. NEW: Paste your friend’s Facebook ID after “from=0” and press enter. Make sure not to erase the text that comes afterwards. If you are having problems with this step, read “Making the Links Work Again“. The message “Uhoh! Something went wrong in the kitchen is COMPLETELY NORMAL and nothing to be worried about.
  3. Your items take a few minutes to appear in your cafe. You can make them appear faster by refreshing your game or cooking something on a stove.
  4. If you’re not getting all the ingredients, refresh THIS BLOG PAGE and try again. Doing so gets new timestamps, making it much likelier you’ll get what you need the second time around.
  5. Share this page with your friends! 
#2 Lights, Camera, Cook II (II of V)
  • Serve or ask for 25 Stuffed Mushrooms – (Vegetarian) 1 day on normal stove
  • Ask for 5 Make Up Boxes – Ask friends or see below
  • Ask for 5 Movie Lights – Ask friends or see below
Rewards: 4 Romantic Chair



Makeup 1

Makeup 2

Makeup 3

Makeup 4

Makeup 5
Movie Lights

Lights 1

Lights 2

Lights 3

Lights 4

Lights 5

And I’ll say it again. Just because it says “Something’s wrong in the kitchen” doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Refresh your game and they may show up. If they still didn’t show up, refresh THIS page and try again.


I hope that you find this useful. Please share it with your friends if you do.

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Cafe World is a trademark of Zynga Game Network. All images are copyright of their respective owners. No portion of this article may be reproduced without express written permission of The Facegamer ©2011

ATTENTION 3-07-2011 ~ THERE ARE NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLAIMING GOODIES. Read the instructions on Making the Links Work For You Again. There’s a video there too, so watch it! Failure to heed the instructions will leave you empty-handed. ~The Facegamer

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  10 Responses to “Cafe World – Lights Camera Cook #2 – Makeup Boxes and Movie Lights”

  1. I really don’t know how to use your links I click it and said “sorry error in the kitchen” I saw something in youtube using the number of friends in cafe world but still saying the same message…

    • when the error page appear…go to where it says http:facebook…ect…click on it to highlight it…then use your Arrow key to go to where it says 0&gid…go between tHe O and & and right click your mouse and add your neighbors id…to get a neighbors id..just go to their pic ..right click on it…go to where it says properties…click on it go to top of page…it will look like…211245_603416410_597555_n.jpg the profile number is the middle number…it would be in this example 603416410…use your mouse to highlight…..and click copy…then when u come to this page…u click on pic of item you want…and paste it between the O and &…hope this helps…hugs…this works and helps…

      • and u have to click enter after u put neighbors id in…click how many u need …then go to your cafe…sometimes you have to refresh your cafe for them to show up…hugs

      • after you hit enter the first time to get item all you have to do is hit F5 as many times as you need works good saves alot of pasteing

      • avatar

        Phil is right about f5, though sometime I have to reload the cafe world page. This new page looks fabulous.Thanks for all your assistance

      • when I do it the cafe world page is not open then when I hit play after I get done everything is there

  2. avatar

    Hi it appears there is an issue i keep clicking on makeup and keep getting a message page came up empty pleas try again i have been using this site for a long time

  3. avatar

    can you get help with the caterin order requests pls

  4. avatar

    Just wanted to let u know that your new page looks fabulous! I always get the postings/items I am afer and will be eternally grateful for all your hard work.

  5. Anyone have a link to receive, request, or send servings of stuffed mushrooms? I’m working on a catering job that needs 150 and so far no one has helped with that dish…trying to get 3 stars and it’ll be hopeless without some servings sent to me. thanks!

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