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Jul 082010

In case you missed it, Cafe World is giving two cafe cash- “just because”. This is the same link as the one on their fan page – so if you’ve already clicked it from there, this one won’t give you extra cash. I don’t know when they’ll shut it down, if they ever do – but it’s here if you need it.

If you’ve already collected it, or there’s some other problem, it’ll just take you to your cafe.
Edit-This is a one-time only offer. Just something for you to be aware of.

1) Select the picture below. A new window will open with (hopefully) your cash.



Select this pic for 2 cash!



Where to from here?


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  99 Responses to “Cafe World – LIMITED TIME- Two Free Cafe Cash for July”

  1. avatar

    I need spice parts and neighbors desperately. Please send thanks a bunch senders Peace

  2. I cant get it to work I havent ever used it before either….. 🙂

  3. doesnt even work 3 of us have tried it and nuffin 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. avatar

    need some cafe neighbors

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