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Aug 182012

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A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

ATTENTION CAFE WORLD PLAYERS: Due to changes Zynga/Cafe World made with their gifting system, the freebies found on this blog no longer work. It is completely out of my control, and not something I can fix. Believe me, I have TRIED. I encourage you to read about phentermine the other games that I write about on this blog. My apologies. I am disappointed too. If you want to read my rantings on this matter, you can see many on The Facegamer Fan Page. ~Jackie

Happy Weekend everyone!  Lisa Latte and Espresso Joe are back with another story – this time, it’s about their individual childhoods.  Who would have thought that Lisa was a goth punk rocker? Surely not me.  I could easily see Joe being a motorcycle enthusiast though.  My hubby tells me that all men love motors by default.  (Not sure about that, personally.)

This is one of those 12-day sets, with 3 goals unlocking every day.  You should be familiar with them by now.

At the time of this writing, They didn’t put all the goals in.  Figures.  I could only go as far as Day 3, Part 2. So as I find out more, I will edit this post with that information I can find.

Just to reiterate, expect this post to change (additions and subtractions) as I learn more.

If you are having trouble finding a certain item, search this page by pressing CTRL and F to bring up your browser’s “Find” function.

You can use this tool to send goal items to another person/account.You may need a second account to use this to send items to yourself. Or a friend that will send to you/vice versa.NEW INSTRUCTIONS (8-20-2012)What’s this?
How to use this tool.  Be aware that this SENDS TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT.  If you need it for yourself, someone will have to send to you, or you will need to log into a separate account and use it to send to you.
  1. Before starting this, be sure the recipient account’s ZMC (Zynga Message Center) is empty. (Accept all your existing requests before starting)
  2. Where it says “Send to Facebook ID”, put the Facebook ID number  of the person you want to send the item to.
  3. Where it says “GID to send”, put the number corresponding to the item you want to send. See the chart below for GID numbers.
  4. Press the Send button. A new window will pop up. Close that window.
  5. Your friend/alt account will receive 10 of that item in their ZMC.
  6. After accepting the items from the ZMC, the game screen will need to be reloaded.  Then they should count towards your goals.
  7. TROUBLESHOOTING: If they aren’t showing up, verify that you refreshed your game window, and that you aren’t trying to send to the same account as you sent from.  If those didn’t work, switching to a different browser (such as Firefox) has reportedly helped some people.

If you need to find a Facebook ID, follow the instructions on this page: Finding a Facebook ID



Diapers 8673 Cap 8693 Snowshoes 8713
Pacifiers 8674 Baseball Glove 8694 Ankh Necklace 8714
Rattles 8675 Notebook 8695 Band Logo 8715
Doll 8676 Tray 8696 Stage Lights 8716
Pram 8677 Serving Spoon 8697 Van 8717
School Bag 8678 Long Table 8698 Bike Gloves 8718
Water Bottle 8679 Chef Hat 8699 Overalls 8719
Pencil 8680 Team Poster 8700 Spanner 8720
Book 8681 Arcade Ticket 8701 Gearbox 8721
Crayons 8682 Rope Swing 8702 Alloy Wheels 8722
Bell 8683 Hobby Kit 8703 Balloons 8723
Wheels 8684 Guitar 8704 Decorative Arches 8724
Bicycle Basket 8685 Sand Castle 8705 Disco Balls 8725
Chains 8686 Beach Towel 8706 Strobe Lights 8726
Tape Recorder 8687 Swimsuit 8707 Punch Bowls 8727
Ballet Shoes 8688 Toy Bucket 8708
Tutu 8689 Skiis 8709
Poster 8690 Gloves 8710
Geometry Boxes 8691 Ski Poles 8711
Ink Pen 8692 Snowboards 8712

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions



Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #1 (Day 1 Part 1) – First Memories

  • Ask for Diapers
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 25 Beef Skewers (12 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Ask for Pacifiers

Reward: 300 Cafe Points and 2500 Cafe Coins
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #2 (Day 1 Part 2) – Play Time!

  • Ask for Rattles 
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was Braised Rabbit (13 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Ask for Dolls

Reward: 300 Cafe Points and 2500 Cafe Coins
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #3 (Day 1 Part 3) – First Ride

  • Ask for Prams –
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 50 BLT with Sprouts (16 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Serve more Random Dishes – Mine was 50 Beef Brisket (20 hour base) Yours may differ

Reward: Baby Food Mix Recipe
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #4 (Day 2 Part 1) – Kindergarten

  • Ask for School Bags
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 25 Gelatin Castles (12 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Ask for Water Bottles 

Reward: 250 Cafe Points and 2000 Cafe Coins
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #5 (Day 2 Part 2) – Classroom

  • Ask for Pencils 
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 30 Pissaladieres (18 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Ask for Books 

Reward: 250 Cafe Points and 2000 Cafe Coins
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #6 (Day 2 Part 3) – Little Artists

  • Ask for Crayons 
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 60 Creme Brulee (10 hour base)
  • Serve yet more Random Dishes – Mine was 50 Creme Brulee (Yay me!!)

Reward: Kindergarten Ice Cream Recipe
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #7 (Day 3 Part 1) – Joe’s Tricycle

  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 50 Pasta Roses (18 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Complete Stage 3 of Rock Band
  • Ask for Bells 

Reward: 250 Cafe Points and 2000 Cafe Coins
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #8 (Day 3 Part 2) – Balancing Act

  • Ask for Wheels
  • Serve Random Dishes – Mine was 60 Chicken and Shrimp Kabob (16 hour base) Yours may differ
  • Ask for Bicycle Basketss

Reward: 250 Cafe Points and 2000 Cafe Coins
Cafe-World – Memory Lane Goal #9 (Day 3 Part 3)
     To be Continued…….



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  323 Responses to “Cafe-World – Lisa and Joe’s Memory Lane Goal Help”

  1. Do not give up on all hope….this still does work, somewhat. How? Not sure..could be a glitch. I sent 18 snowshoes to myself. Type in your FB ID number then the number of the item you want. Hit the send button and another window will open up. For me the window that opens is the window where you accept all the gifts and requests. Click on accept next to you name and then close out the pop up window. Repeat doing it for the number of one item you need. Its working for me, not sure if it will work for you or for how long it will work, but for now…. good luck. And to FG…thank you for making a rather frustrating game to play enjoyable. Will miss all the help you have given me and others throughout the years. Thank you

    • avatar

      I don’t even understand where to go to “Send to FB ID”, these instructions aren’t simple enough for the computer illiterate. Thanks Facegamer for all the help, but time to quit the app I guess. My stoves are always empty while waiting for requests to move on.

      • In the above box the FG provided…FaceGamer Cafe World Part Sender. Type in your FB ID number in the box “send to Facebook ID”. Then in the box “GID” type in the part number. Then hit send. Its glitchy and has worked for me. Dont know if it will work for you or others.

    • It works for me as well. I am hoping we can get the gid numbers for the new goals now..thanks FG

    • avatar

      I’ve tried the directions but was having a problem so let see what steps did u take to find ur id number? how many digits in the ID number? did u use google or explorer? If there is any one that can tell me step by step how to make it work….thanks

  2. This will send to your self I just tried it and it did work for me good luck And thanks so much for all the help Facegamer

  3. hey …thanks for all the help you given us.
    just want to tell you that this method …UID+GID still work from one id each item
    so this is on top of the request we can ask to our neighbour which is one a day.
    so it will double the chance to get items from same friend.
    hope you will still provide gid after this mission is completed.
    thanks again

  4. As others have said don’t give up hope! There’s always a glitch somewhere. We just have to dig a little deeper to find it. It’s taken them this long to find a way to stop us. They’ve left a loophole somewhere. Even sending the items to myself from any account isn’t working though 🙁

  5. it does work but you can only give 1 item per day. can understand if you don’t want to bother any more. but one extra is better than none. I just hope that people are not foolish enough to spend real cash on a game that is going down the drain.

  6. avatar

    I have used the momery poster that you have and it works ! ONLY gives 1 at a time but after posting for 8 hours and not getting enough I said what the heck let me try it anyway I needed only 4 more and I used it and got the 4 I needed!!!!!!!!! THANKS SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to friends and they had already sent to me but they could send again through your place here! so there is still help!!!!

  7. The OLD WAY is working for me….but I can’t find the page where all of the parts are listed that opens up the actual link to the part. If I put in a neighbor’s ID number and the GID number….the parts are posting just like the old way…..BUT….I can’t find ON THIS SITE the page where all of the parts for the goals were listed. PLEASE post the parts again….not just the GID numbers (although that’s needed as well)….but I need to click on links with a timestamp on them and THEN put in the ID number AND the GID number. I was able to do the old way and quickly became ecstatic….until I could NOT find the original page of the parts posted for the Memories goals. OH PLEASE….put those links back up. I only need different timestamps in order for this to work!

  8. Only worked 1 time and 1 part for me too Rhonda… I stopped playing….. more work & frustration than fun now 🙁

  9. avatar

    We need more time on the timed goals 7 weeks don’t work specially if urs sick or work late plz do all the timed request plz ty for ur time

  10. Yesterday, I can see the box “Send to Facebook ID” and the box “GID to send”. But today I can,t see nothig, I see this: [swfobj src="http://thefacegamer.com/FG-CW-002.swf" height="520" width="500"].
    Someone can help me.

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