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Jan 052011

ATTENTION 2-28-2011 ~ GOOD NEWS. You can still claim freebies by adding a friend’s Facebook ID to the link where it says “from=0”. Change the 0 to the Facebook ID of one of your friends. For a better explanation, please visit Making the Links Work Again.   ~The Facegamer.

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Here’s a gifter for the new Mr. Snowball project. This is an alternative way of completing the project, which many people seem to prefer.

Normally, you would have to send “ask for” type requests from inside the game to specific friends and hope and hope some more that you picked the right type of friends that would respond to your request.

Instead, you can use this by linking it to your wall, and asking in general that any available friends send you whatever part you happen to need. This is how I use gifters like this. I link it, as for 5 of one part, and remove it from my wall as soon as I get 5, then repost it, and ask for a different part.. remove it when I get the parts I need.. etc etc.

Alternatively, you can just use this to gift the parts to your friends.

You’ll need 5 or each part: Silk Hat, Carrots, Snow Buttons and Large Snowballs.

One important thing that you need to be aware of: When you accept a gift from someone who used this to send a gift to you.. it will go straight to the game, but the gift will be in your Zynga Message Center, waiting for you to accept it. This is a screenshot from my game to show you what it looks like:


Accept the gift from inside your Zynga Message Center...



  1. Select the picture of the ingredient that you want. A new window/tab will open. (It may take a minute or two to fully load – that’s a problem in Cafe World and not something I can control)
  2. NEW: Paste your friend’s Facebook ID after “from=0” and press enter.
  3. Close that window, and select another picture.
  4. If you’re not getting all the ingredients, refresh THIS BLOG PAGE and try again. Doing so gets new timestamps, making it much likelier you’ll get what you need the second time around.
  5. Share this page with your friends!
Silk Hat
Snow Buttons
Snow Ball

The second part of this post is a little help for the second Mr. Snowball quest entitled “Help Mr. Snowball” where you are tasked with completing the Mr. Snowball, but also have to ask your friends to send 3 scarves and 4 large branches. Which seems odd since it seems to only have 1 neck and 2 arms. Oh well. I guess you’ve made a three-headed, four-armed chimera-snowman. Here’s the parts you need to collect to finish the quest. IMPORTANT: 1) If you have collected VIP dinners or other Overload type goodies from this site today.. these will not work. You only get a few free-floating goodies that you can collect a day, and these will count against your quota. Just letting you know. 2) You must be on the “Help Mr. Snowball” quest in Cafe World to take advantage of these. DO NOT CLICK on these if you are not on the quest. Selecting each of the pictures below will open up a new window showing you that you accepted the item. I tried it on my own game and it worked fine for me… I hope it works ok for you too (no promises though.) I have not gotten past this quest yet (still building my own Mr. Snowball) so I don’t know if the 3rd quest has stuff we need.

I hope that you find this useful. Please share it with your friends if you do.

If you still need the other Cafe World gifters, here they are:

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  1. I wasn’t playing last year. I’m trying to do Mr. Snowball and it doesn’t work here. It just takes me to the ask friends page 🙁

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