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Today's guide was written with the help of Krystle W. and Christine A. Thanks!

So you’ve taken advantage of the VIP Dinners and you’re richer than rich. You’ve finished all your Super Stoves, and bought everything under the sun. And now you’re bored. Bored, bored, bored. Well, there’s always that new dish mastery thing that Zynga just put it – but that’s a whole different beast that I’m not going to talk about today. Today, I’m talking about Pro Cooking. [fb-share]

I’ve also heard it called “Sports Cooking”, “Delete Cooking”, and “Powerlevelling”. Whatever you call it, the basic idea is really simple: You prepare an item on the stove, collect its preparation CP, and then delete it before it finishes. You can only do this with dishes that take OVER 30 minutes to prepare. Meaning you CANNOT do it with a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (30 minute cook time) but you CAN do it for Buttermilk Pancakes (45 minute cook time).

Where to find a dish's Pro Points

The hardest part is figuring out what dish to cook over and over. It’s up to you, and is dependent on whether money is a factor for you or not. If you don’t care about coin, just choose a recipe that gives a high amount of Cafe Points for cooking. You can see how much a dish gives on the Mastery screen, or review the chart below.

The bad side of this technique is that you’re wasting money because you never serve the dishes. Also, you never get Mastery credit for the dish by doing it this way. So why would you do it at all? If you’ve got money burning a whole in your pocket, and you’ve got a super stove (or a normal stove) that’s not in use, you can keep making CP on it while the rest of your dishes are cooking. If you’re close to your next level just need a little CP now now now.. you may also want to try this technique.

It doesn’t really matter whether you use a normal stove or a super stove. You get the same amount of CP either way – but the super stove makes it much easier.

Reading this chart:
1) If you don’t care about money, pay attention to the “Pro CP” column. This tells you how much CP you’ll get for each time you prepare and delete an item. The higher, the better. Examples of high Pro CP items would be Impossible Quiche (75), Ice Cream Sundae (84), Chicken Pot Pie (66), and Chinese Candy Box (99).
2) If you DO care about money, pay attention to the “cost per CP” column. This tells you how much 1 CP will cost you, in coins. The LOWER, the better. Examples of good items from this category would be Caramel Apples (7.5), Rackasaurus Ribs (11.8) and Delicious Chocolate Cake (18.1)

I like to keep a happy medium – so for me it’s Delicious Chocolate Cake, at 11.8 coin per CP, and 72 CP per item. [fb-share]

Name ….Level…. ….Cost…. ….Pro CP…. ….Cost per CP….
French Onion Soup 1 175 12 14.6
Triple Berry Cheesecake 1 400 15 26.7
Spitfire Roasted Chicken 1 600 15 40.0
Caramel Apples 3 90 12 7.5
Pumpkin Pie 3 200 15 13.3
White Radish Cake 3 300 15 20.0
Homestyle Pot Roast 3 1800 60 30.0
Clubhouse Sandwich 4 450 36 12.5
Tikka Masala Kabobs 5 215 6 35.8
Belgian Waffles 6 200 9 22.2
Eggs Benedict 8 300 21 14.3
Savory Stuffed Turkey 9 700 15 46.7
Dino Drumstick 10 800 30 26.7
Spaghetti and Meatballs 11 450 24 18.8
Macaroni and Cheese 12 250 15 16.7
Crackling Peking Duck 13 900 15 60.0
Loco Moco 14 800 18 44.4
Bacon and Eggs 14 1000 18 55.6
Tony’s Classic Pizza 15 400 21 19.0
Herbed Halibut 17 700 21 33.3
Fish n Chips 18 1650 12 137.5
Voodoo Chicken Salad 19 700 36 19.4
Atomic Buffalo Wings 21 350 21 16.7
Chashu Ramen 22 500 15 33.3
Rackasaurus Ribs 22 600 51 11.8
Buttermilk Pancakes 25 250 9 27.8
King Crab Bisque 27 1300 54 24.1
Chicken Adobo 28 2000 36 55.6
Tostada de Carne Asada 29 900 42 21.4
Sushi Spread 30 1200 24 50.0
Kung Pao Stir Fry 31 600 21 28.6
Chicken Pot Pie 33 3500 66 53.0
Steak Dinner 34 3000 30 100.0
Overstuffed Peppers 35 1300 45 28.9
Ginger Plum Pork Chops 37 2200 33 66.7
Fiery Fish Tacos 39 725 15 48.3
Vegas Buffet 40 1000 54 18.5
Stuffed Mushrooms 41 1800 57 31.6
Philly Cheesesteak 46 2400 21 114.3
Impossible Quiche 47 5000 75 66.7
Grand Tandoori Chicken 50 2000 63 31.7
Corned Beef 51 1000 39 25.6
Delicious Chocolate Cake 52 1300 72 18.1
Mystical Pizza 53 2300 81 28.4
Shu Mai Dumplings 54 950 60 15.8
Ice Cream Sundae 55 4000 84 47.6
Lavish Lamb Curry 56 1500 54 27.8
Smoked Salmon Latkes 59 2000 27 74.1
Seafood Paella 60 1500 72 20.8
Lemon Butter Lobster 64 2200 27 81.5
Veggie Lasagna 66 1400 66 21.2
Chinese Candy Box 70 6000 99 60.6
Where to from here?
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    I really love dis game. Plz add me I play everyday for about 6 to 8 hours sometimes more. I answer all requests. I have a couple request (changes) I want 2 suggest. 1. Slow down on adding new quest its beginning to be over bearing causing ppl 2 stop playing da game. 2. When using da bonus checker for cafe world, it takes a lot of time to claim rewards. Plz change it back. It would help players out alot and keep dem playing da game.

  2. hey guys u all use gifter, n i will tell u y indians dominate d IT sector -LOL
    1) jus go on d gifter page n nw make several clicks around 6 – 8 r fine

    2) now select all ur frnds to send gift n click d button below (send)

    3) now wen u r done with that u will see a last conformation which will have only send option

    4) now start a gud amount of downloads to make ur net connection slow

    5) nw just go on click the send button in evry tab at ur best speed.

    6) u r done n d result is = for 6 clicks u get 6gifts in zynga gift box n d same u can accept from ur game requests. zynga needs a lotta time to get thru all this………………………….. try it n finish ur things in jus a day

    **important – we arent authorized to convey ny such msg through zynga or ny other authority- its jus an idea — it may work or may not. the best thing will b when u own at least 8 fake accounts………..hahhahaaahhahaa ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Im with Joan Graham…….I cant find anything on Ok Karaoke. Whatta ya say guys??

  5. This works even better with the new 4x super stove! I can level up in about an hour with Rackasaurus ribs. 204 CP per cycle. If you have tons of coin to waste, use candy box at a whopping 396/cycle

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