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Mar 242012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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7-11-2012 – This set has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG

RUN! The Pandas are on the loose! Okay, maybe they’re not, but I’m pretty sure they’re unhappy that we’re cooking up their veggie of choice in 4 new Bamboo-based recipes.

These goals are untimed, so perhaps you should do the Buck’s New Spring colored 4×50% stove goals first.

These “Smart Engine” goals are automatically adjusted depending on many things about you, so everyone will have a different experience. In fact, the rewards are scaled too, so one person might recieve 4 Instant spice, but someone else might recieve 36. The amount of goal items you need as well as the amount and kinds of dishes you will need to cook are all different too.

You can find out more about this quest retuning here: MORE ABOUT QUEST RETUNING

If you don’t like this new feature, I strongly suggest letting Zynga know about it.


I was able to spice-rush through these goals, and can tell you that the items are verified to work, as of last night/early this morning. 

Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions

Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #1 – Panda Passes

Reward: X Cafe Coins and X Cafe Points
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #2 – Bountiful Bamboo

Reward: Stir-Fry Beef with Bamboo
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #3 – Navigate the Zoo

Reward: X Cafe Coins and X Cafe Points
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #4 – Bamboo Salad

Reward: Spicy Bamboo Salad Recipes
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #5 – Serving the Zoo

Reward: X Cafe Coins and X Cafe Points
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #6 – Bamboo Risotto

Reward: Bamboo Rice Risotto Recipe
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #7 – Panda Party

Reward: X Cafe Coins and X Cafe Points
Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas #8 – A Farewell Gift

Reward: Chicken Bamboo Curry Recipe


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  10 Responses to “Cafe-World – Rise of the Pandas Goal Help (8 untimed, smart-engine goals)”

  1. Wow you are amazing. I did not expect to find this up so soon.

  2. Hello to all,
    I didn’t know where to post these new GID’s that I found for the carnival quests so I hope this helps. These are for the blue carnival quest the red is not out yet.

    gid for cafe carnival quests:
    (I apologize if they are not in any particular order)
    6302 carnival flyer
    6303 popcorn bag
    6304 souvenir t-shirt
    6305 MKascot costume
    6306 pink cotton candy
    6307 roll of tickets
    6308 arcade token
    6309 ketchup bottle
    6310 mustard bottle
    6311 stuffed bear
    6312 stuffed dog
    6313 plastic prize
    6314 fortune teller cards
    6315 face painting kit
    6316 silly hats
    6317 height sign
    6318 hammer
    6319 nail
    6320 dunk tank
    6321 1st prize
    6322 2nd prize
    6323 emplty milk bottle
    6324 softball
    6325 balloon
    6326 dart
    6327 ring toss ring
    6328 ring toss bottle
    6329 candy
    6330 gum
    6331 fun house mirror
    6332 broom
    6333 work glove
    6773 car
    6774 traffic sign
    6775 bull horn
    6776 donation form
    6777 blue cotton candy
    6778 cup of sugar
    6779 air pump
    6780 bouncy tent
    6781 table cloth
    6782 berry pie
    6783 ferris wheel light
    6784 power generator
    6785 car paint
    6786 nail
    6787 hammer
    6788 bag of ice
    6789 blender
    6790 spotlight
    6791 microphones
    6825 pink sugar
    6826 candy sticks
    6827 floss bowls
    6828 motor
    6829 control knob
    6830 heating element
    6978 seat fabric

    • thanks a lots, really appreciate it

    • hello horeya

      thanks a ton.. god bless you … this has taken out some burden …. just would like to inform u as usuall zyanga has done something and the heating element,knobs,motor, flossbowls, candy sticks and pink sugar do not work..its on a different code…. but not to let this hamper it u have helped us a lot by putting these other gid …..

      thanks once aagin…

  3. avatar

    why don’t you show us were to find the older goals.

    • Judy-On the main page if you go all the way to the bottom there is a list of the older goals. Depends on how far back you’re wanting to go too. Since each goal has a different name if can be a bit tricky figuring out which set name they went to unless you wrote it down (I didn’t but wish I have)

      As always Thank You for all you do Facegamer!!!

  4. anyone willing to share how to get the gid’s to work for food?

  5. avatar

    i can not find any of my coffee machines or any other drinks! Please help

  6. Brilliant site……so helpful. just to let you know theres a redirect on the panda soy sauce to word press.
    thanks again for all the help

  7. Love this site — it’s helped me get through so many goals and improved my enjoyment of the game. Thank you! I noticed that in the “Rise of the Panda” goals, the link for soy sauce leads to a WordPress sign-in page, though. 🙁 Too bad — I really need the soy sauce!

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