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Mar 312012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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7-11-2012 – This set has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG

Here’s some help for the Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt goals that were released yesterday.  These goals are untimed, so perhaps you should do the Buck’s New Spring colored 4×50% stove goals first, especially since they were extended for only a few days.

These are just another set of generic quest crap meant to keep us feeling the pressure. The rewards are 4 new recipes (see below) but who has time to master dishes when it’s all you can do just to keep up with the timed quests and catering “missions”?  I know I’m feeling the pinch, even with all the resources available.


I was able to spice-rush through these goals, and can tell you that the items are verified to work, as of last night/early this morning. 

Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions

Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #1 – The Hunt Begins

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coin
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #2 – Scavanging Lunch

Reward: Spicy Sausage Orzo Recipe
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #3 – Green Machines

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coin
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #4 – Recipe Recovery

Reward: Chicken Satay Recipe
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #5 – Gleaming Cubes

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coin
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #6 – Tracking Tofu

Reward: Tofu Steak Recipe
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #7 – Pressing Matters

Reward: Cafe Points and Cafe Coin
Cafe-World Scavenger Hunt Goal #8 – A Winning Hunt

Reward: Beef & Broccoli Recipe (my favorite at Panda Express!)


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  19 Responses to “Cafe-World – Scavenger Hunt Goal Help (8 untimed goals, 4 recipe rewards)”

  1. on the quest #3 of Scavenger Hunt, the Lime Squeezer is showing orzo pasta

  2. Lime Squeezer link is actually Orzo Pasta. Please advise. Thank you.

  3. Change the GID number to 6543 and you’ll both have your lime squeezers. The GID showing for orzo is 6542 which is correct for the orzo.

  4. Fabulous! Thanks, Jeanne! ~:-)

  5. Thanks Jeanne!!

  6. I used to complain about the overload of goals, so instead of complaining I thought I’d turn it into a project. I entered all goals and items needed in MS Excel 2007, making like I’m a Project Manager wannabe, ha ha ha (I have no job…yet, wish me luck folks). Hey, it’s fun to pretend.;) If anyone likes using Excel a lot like me, this is the perfect game to use. I may attach a file to the forum if anyone wishes me to.

    • A long time ago back before they had the sortable cookbook, I created an excel spreadsheet including the cook times, the cp earned, the coins earned, the coin cost and also calculated columns to determine the best cp/coin per time, per click, per whatever i could think of. This was also before all the lightening stoves, etc were added as well. Yeah, I needed a life…

  7. Just wanted to let you know I sure appreciate all you do to help! Especially with all the stuff they’ve been throwing at us lately. The begging has increased within the game, but I can always count on you, Facegamer, to get a lot of the stuff needed! Great job!

  8. I just came back to the game a couple weeks ago to my lovely list of 60+ mission sets (not including all the sub-mission sets of Paris, safe, etc). A few days later i discovered this wonderful place. I would just like to say to everyone that contributes to this being available to us, I love you and if you want, I’m willing to have your babies 😉

  9. goal 8 for me was cook 75 potato latke

  10. avatar

    6638 – Bronze Scrub Brush
    6639 – Bronze Stove Polish
    6640 – Bronze Metal Plate
    6641 – Bronze Bolt
    6642 – Heating Coils
    6643 – Burner Ring
    6644 – Bronze Circuit
    6645 – Bronze Display
    6646 – Bronze Wiring
    6647 – Bronze Gas Pipe
    6648 – Bronze Control Knob
    6649 – Bronze Handle
    6650 – Bronze Drip Pan
    6651 – Bronze Thermostat
    6831 – Bronze Tube
    6652 – Bronze Switch
    6653 – Tube
    6654 – Bronze Oil Canister
    6655 – Bronze Multi-Tool
    6656 – Bronze Hammer
    6657 – Extra Bronze Nut and Bolt

    6816 – Copper Circuit
    6817 – Copper Display
    6818 – Copper Wiring
    6819 – Cooper Gas Pipe
    6820 – Copper Control Knob
    6821 – Copper handle
    6822 – Copper Drip Pan
    6823 – Copper Thermostat
    6824 – Copper Switch
    6832 – Copper Tube
    7018 – Copper Metal Plate
    7019 – Copper Bolt
    7020 – Copper Scrub Brush
    7021 – Copper Stove Polish
    7022 – Copper Oil Canister
    7023 – Copper Multi-Tool
    7024 – Copper Hammer
    7025 – Extra Copper Nut and Bolt

    6837 – Graphite Circuit
    6838 – Graphite Display
    6839 – Graphite Wiring
    6840 – Graphite Gas Pipe
    6841 – Graphite Control Knob
    6842 – Graphite Handle
    6843 – Graphite Drip Pan
    6844 – Graphite Thermostat
    6845 – Graphite Switch
    6846 – Graphite Tube
    6847 – Graphite Heating Coil
    6848 – Graphite Burner Ring
    6988 – Graphite Motor
    6989 – Graphite Har Drive

    6849 – Gold Circuit
    6850 – Gold Display
    6851 – Gold Wiring
    6852 – Gold Gas Pipe
    6853 – Gold Control Knob
    6854 – Gold Handle
    6855 – Gold Drip Pan
    6856 – Gold Thermostat
    6857 – Gold Switch
    6858 – Gold Tube
    6859 – Gold Heating Coil
    6860 – Gold Burner Ring
    6990 – Gold Motor
    6991 – Gold Hard Drive

    6861 – Titanium Circuit
    6862 – Titanium Display
    6863 – Titanium Wiring
    6864 – Titanium Gas Pipe
    6865 – Titanium Control Knob
    6866 – Titanium Handle
    6867 – Titanium Drip Pan
    6868 – Titanium Thermostat
    6869 – Titanium Switch
    6870 – Titanium Tube
    6871 – Titanium Heating Coil
    6872 – Titanium Burner Ring
    6986 – Titanium Motor
    6987 – Titanium Hard Drive

    • I’m confused……I open the bronze stove shop then if I need a bronze oil canister I’m suppose to click “ask for help”?? then click on a friends name??

  11. I’m confused……I open the bronze stove shop then if I need a bronze oil canister I’m suppose to click “ask for help”?? then click on a friends name??

  12. I am unable to collect the duck press and the strawberry huller for the scavenger hunt, goals #7… i have refreshed this page, logged out and in of CW 3 – 4 times now… Any suggestions

  13. I was unable to collect the salt shaker and the blue ribbons. Did I wait too long?

  14. I am trying to collect curry and it is not allowing me to do so. Can we not collect the older items?

  15. avatar

    I have just found this and I love it. I am having problems getting the curry powder. I know it is not as easy as the newer goals so I watched the video to look at how it is being done. I am following it the way we are supposed to but it is not doing it how the video showed that it would. I even deleted all cookies as suggested as well as rebooted my laptop and it still isn’t giving me the item. If it is possible, please update all of the older goals so that we are able to just click and get the item without having to put in a friends facebook ID. Or any other suggestions would be helpful. I do know that I am doing it just like the video said so I do not understand what is going wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!

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