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Feb 022012

After its built, the next step is to recruit 6 people to be part of your audience. (Click this picture for a larger view)

PLEASE NOTE: I answered this on the Hank the Handyman pages but I am still being asked this. There is no help available for the SAFE CRACKER feature as it runs on a different item system that I can do nothing about.  I have looked into it and there’s just nothing that I can do.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience. (Blame Zynga). ~The Facegamer.

This is a “Parts Gifter” for the newest buildable, Spice Guy. It is NOT freebies, but an alternate way of building it.

It’s Oxy Oxy Oxy OxySPICE!  This new buildable, Spice Guy, should not be confused with the Old Spice Man.. but is rather a homage to the late Billy Mays.

According to the official FAQ about this, after you build it, you need to recruit 6 friends (see picture to right). Assuming you progress through the goals to receive your Seal of Approval, you can then use this to spice all your dishes at once with either One Hour Thyme, Mastery Mint, or Salvage Spice (your choice).  Then your audience departs and you need to recruit 6 more people. Rinse. Repeat.

Post this to your OWN wall, and then ask your friends for specific items in the status. You can use the blue “share” button below, or copy the link to this page into your status bar.

I’ll say it again. These are GIFTING links, not freebies, and not ask-for links. Use it to send stuff to your friends, or share this blog post on your profile and ask your friends to use it to send gifts to you!


  • Select the picture of the item that you want to SEND to your friends.
  • A window will pop up with a list of your friends to choose from.
  • Select and send.If it doesn’t load or your list is empty, refresh that page or try again later. Zynga’s servers might be having issues. It wouldn’t be anything that I can fix
  • Share this post with your friends!



To get you friends to send you stuff:
  • Share this post on your wall. You can use this blue button , or copy the link from your browser, and then paste it into your status bar in Facebook.


Sales Counter Spice Rack Sales Pitch Spice Co Sign

I hope this has been useful to you. Don’t forget to share with your friends.  



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    When getting Freebies, after you have inserted your friend’s ID number, if you do not get a steady go to arrow, you will not get the items. If you insert your friends ID number and the arrow appears briefly or you get the refresh arrow, go back to the item’s picture and start over. Once you insert the ID and the arrow stays constant you can click the refresh button as many times as you need the item. Many people seem to be unaware of this and say that your program is not working

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