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May 112012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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5-22-2012 – This set has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG

These came out last night while I was preparing for today’s FG Mart update (15,000+ Farm Town links, updated every Friday, in case you’re wondering)  So I haven’t had much of a chance to have a look at this.  Seems like it could be a doozy.

There’s a builder for the bird cage HERE , which you might find useful.

NEW! Just added the Flower Display Buildable, which can be found HERE.

Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.


Spring Fever – Red Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Red Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Red Pot
Spring Fever – Red Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Blue Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Blue Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Blue Pot
Spring Fever – Blue Nutrient
Spring Fever – Blue Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Yellow Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Yellow Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Yellow Pot
Spring Fever – Yellow Nutrient
Spring Fever – Yellow Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Yellow Recommendation
Spring Fever – Purple Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Purple Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Purple Pot
Spring Fever – Purple Nutrient
Spring Fever – Purple Flower Sign
Spring Fever – White Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – White Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – White Pot
Spring Fever – White Flower Sign
Spring Fever – White Nutrient
Spring Fever – Orange Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Orange Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Orange Pot
Spring Fever – Orange Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Green Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Green Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Green Pot
Spring Fever – Green Nutrient
Spring Fever – Green Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Pink Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Pink Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Pink Pot
Spring Fever – Pink Nutrient
Spring Fever – Pink Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Teal Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Teal Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Teal Pot
Spring Fever – Teal Nutrient
Spring Fever – Teal Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Black Orchid Guide
Spring Fever – Black Orchid Seed
Spring Fever – Black Pot
Spring Fever – Black Nutrient
Spring Fever – Black Flower Sign
Spring Fever – Black Flower Recommendation

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  208 Responses to “Cafe-World – Spring Fever (crazy) goals help”

  1. Having read through the cafe world times this is my view of the statements there.

    1. Complete week 1 and get 6 mega stove
    2. Complete week 2 and get 6 mega stove

    Having completed weeks 1 AND 2 the 6 mega stoves become Ultras!

    • avatar

      I told em to help me on support and they completed me the goal 13 and catering order, confirmed goals 14 and 15 dont have cathering missions, but both has 100 1 day 150 12 hours and 120 1 day 150 10 hours, my recomend you ask em for help, coz even if you complete em super fast, you will delay a lot, they only delayed like 3 hours to answer (miracle) but now im on goal 15

  2. I need Cafe friends PLEASE ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I lost 3 days working towards this goal when my week 2 icons disappeared. I was at a good pace until then but now I will not finish it in time. You’d think they’d consider this fact in the timing of the goals, but I guess not…

  4. what about the no spoil genie?

  5. avatar

    The second catering mission is even worse. 799 Savoury stuffed turkeys at 22 hrs each and then to make it even more impossible; the spring chicken that you don’t even have open unless you had a 3 star rating in the first mission.

    I am accepting all new friend/neighbor contacts from daily players. I am on and off the game all day 24/7

  6. Question for the “group” 🙂 IF you happen to complete the goals and already have the No Spoil genie does anyone know how many stove slots you should have in the end if you get all three Ultra Stoves and the two for each week? I have 144 slots now but it seems like I may be missing one 6x group – not sure what the number should be though 🙂 Thanks to anyone who can help answer this.

    • Think you may be missing one dianne i have 146 so seems like you have a four instead of a 6 burner x

      • Thanks for the reply Lorraine – I wonder how i will go about straightening this one out LOL!!! Not sure I could even begin to explain the problem to Zynga and then probably wouldn’t get a response anyway – that’s the way it’s been going with them as of late – sad to say. I appreciate knowing the number though – thanks again!!! <3

  7. does anybody know what they supposedly finished “In the Spirit of Spring, Amelia has completed a few tasks for you from Maypole week 2!”?

    • Nope Karen, I can’t tell what, if anything, was completed for me. -Janice

    • to find something amelia completed for you look for the number 0 of XX (the item would be checked)

  8. I think enough folks complained about the late start (missing icon) and the catering job being added that they added apx 1 day 20 hours (44 total hours) to the end time. I myself lost 52 hours before I got the missing icon fixed, so at least I got a good chunk of that lost time back. I’m still on level 14 but at least now I have a fair chance in finishing the whole thing and getting my 3 6xUltra stoves. I should have level 14 done by tomorrow morning leaving me 1 day 8 hours for the last step. Gotta do a bunch of spice co demos to get it in under the wire.
    6 days of emails and open tickets w/ repeated follow-ups and I still have not gotten a single response from CS on this event. No response, no help, no nothing.

  9. I think a bunch of people stopped messing with the catering jobs for the exact same reason – and the prizes were a waste after spending all that time to cook 1000′s of items in three days. So since we have just stopped doing the catering jobs Zynga thinks they can just require us to do them to finish these huge timed goals without any advance notice. That is only going to make me hate the game more and NOT make me want to do any of the catering jobs. They used to be really fun – now they are just more stress just like everything else with CW. If they are going to require us to do catering jobs where we have to cook 1000′s of dishes in 3 days and get back dozens of requests when their system isn’t working properly so that we can actually get them back – then we should be getting major prizes for doing them. How about some Cafe Cash of 6x ultra stoves. A new dish of food to cook just doesn’t cut it nor does yet another 50% stove when a lot of us have dozens in our inventory we can’t use.. Or how about opening more stove slots or counter spaces as prizes for catering!!!

  10. avatar

    it is impossible to get these finished.

  11. The birdwatch convention … funny … stopped at part #13 & really don’t care … impossible to finish.

  12. Well i’m cooking my butt off for 3 days on the Bird Watchers, won’t even finish to get a 1 star rating. Thanks to the freeloaders, well they won’t be freeloading from me after today, i have unfriended them. sick of this crap. tomorrow i am closing my kitchen for a few days. Thanks FaceGamer, i wouldn’t have gotten the 1 stove i did get without you, now they want a Get Ready for the Baby, I don’t think so, i’m off builds for awhile. like ever

  13. avatar

    I earned the 6 burner stove…it was in my inventory! I moved a single burner stove down, to make room to place my new 6 burner stove, and when I moved the 6 burner stove into the Cafe, it does NOT show up! However, it states I have 34 stove in my Cafe, but I only have 33 showing up! Frustrating!!!!
    ***Whew, I feel better now. 😉 ****

    • avatar

      Seriously? I just posted above how my 6 burner stove I placed YESTERDAY never showed up. Left FG went to my Cafe and poof! It was there! This site works miracles!!!!! 😉

  14. avatar

    I almost got the recent goals completed. The first stove wasn’t a 6 burner, it is a 4. But at least it is a 50 percent. The second stove turned into a single burner, reg. time and it is floating. I did use it to cook a dish and I can’t get the dish off to even turn the stove in and get a better one out. I have rebooted, restarted, used a different browser, spiced it, you name it, I’ve done it.Now the baby stove. I don’t want another single 50 percent stove and I can’t finish any of the goals to get the ultra 6. I am not going to use real money to cook fake food. I do get the unspoiler for my convienence only.

  15. Okay friends of Facegamer. Here we go again with new goals, I was unable to complete the last one as #143 wanted catering, well started it and after 2 days, I quit it! Had 13 helpers and funny thing, I was the only one cooking, the others were on for the ride. Cleaning out those “freeloaders”. I am looking for players who want to help each other. My name is Kathy Rios from Taft, CA. If you would like to be my friend, would really like that. I play daily. Please send me a request, I need good players. Thanks

    • avatar

      what is your picture cause there is no place where it says Taft CA. Message me! Keri Schow–statue of liberty photo.

  16. avatar

    How do I EVER get the maypole goals completed? I get the food cooked and the additional items here for the catering—but the side things can we get help with those, this maypole is killin’ me!

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