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Mar 072012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Teri, Chercher, Anniem, Jess_K, Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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7-12-2012 – This set has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG

Wakey Wakey! Eggs and Bac-ey!  Or.. you could sleep in a little more.

Zynga’s Cafe World team snuck in some goals last night, and I almost missed it. Lucky for you I checked just before heading to bed. Unfortunately for me, breakfast is my dinner because I’m going to bed as soon as this is done!

Please NOTE that there are 26 items listed below but only 20 of them are probably part of the goals. I have no way of knowing which are part of this set. This is a best guess based on what I found while looking in the game files.

I usually spice rush through the goals but I’m out of spice until I get paid.  And it’s so new that my normal set of friends haven’t had a chance to check it out either. So.. there may be some that go by a slightly different name, etc. If there’s one you’re looking for and it’s not there, please comment below and/or send me a message via the About page. (Link at top of page, marked “About”.

These goals are “Smart Engine” goals. My previous experience with this type of goal was the Ancient Recipes goals.. and at the end, I never recieved my stove.  I’m leary of them now, so I’ll just say that if you don’t receive your stove either, you should definitely fill out a support ticket with Zynga. SUPPORT LINK HERE

These “Smart Engine” goals are automatically adjusted depending on many things about you, so everyone will have a different experience. In fact, the rewards are scaled too, so one person might recieve 4 Instant spice, but someone else might recieve 36. The amount of goal items you need as well as the amount and kinds of dishes you will need to cook are all different too.

You can find out more about this quest retuning here: MORE ABOUT QUEST RETUNING

If you don’t like this new feature, I strongly suggest letting Zynga know about it.


I do not have a list of goals this time around. I’m sorry.  Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions


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  9 Responses to “Cafe World – Sunrise Breakfast (untimed goals)”

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    Glad for your help, i am thinking if you can do a cathering forum, so we can add each other to complete the insanely dificult cathering orders since tonymoon or recently if someone needs, that way we could avoid xp hunters and focus to finish em, if you agree, coment so facegammer do it for us

  2. Is the Parts Gifter Broken?? Have not been able to use for a couple of days

  3. Anyone know if you get the Apple Bramble dish as a reward from Sunrise Breakfast goals? I finished the St Pat quests and didn’t get it from those. Wherever it comes from please let me know. Thanks

    • For the Apple Bramble dish…some are saying you can purchase it for 120 clovers. Just click the clover on the right in CW and go to gift shop. All that shows up for my is Irish Breakfast.

      • You get the cake from the pots of gold

      • The Apple Bramble was supposed to be awarded in one of the goals, you could also get it from the pots of gold, if you didn’t get it, you need to contact zynga and let them know. It’s part of the catering order, so if you didn’t get it and you are doing or plan to do the catering, you need it. They are pretty good about getting that item unlocked for you if you have completed all the goals.. sorry, I can’t remember which goal it was though. 🙁

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    sunrise goals cant find the sliced ham..elp please…thanks

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