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Apr 032012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

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7-11-2012 – This set has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG


I’m so glad Cafe-World hasn’t added any clowns to this new Carnival event. I hate clowns, and honestly… I get my daily quota of clowns just from having to deal with Zynga’s customer service.

Yeah, there’s 51 goal items in this post, and a builder or two.. Who’s got two thumbs and stayed up all night? *points thumbs to self* This girl.

This new event must be the event that they’re going to use to fill in the space between St Paddy’s and Easter.  I could have used a break, especially since there’s still the timed Buck’s Spring 4x Stoves goals as well as St Paddy’s goals to do for many people.   This new event looks complicated, complicated, complicated, but I can’t tell yet if it’s worth the effort. A lot of the big big rewards are Ultra stoves (1×50%) which are pretty much worthless to me. Actually, for me, any reward that is less that 4x Ultra (4×50%) is not worth doing.

Overall, it seems like this event is a incredibly complicated but the rewards are.. meh.

Anyway. There’s a mini-guide below the Goal Items, if you care to read it.

Here’s the links to the Parts Gifters. You use these if your normal way of asking for parts isn’t working.

I couldn’t get very far into the goals unfortunately. None of my friends seem to be awake at 2AM to help me through that terrible “Make Cotton Candy” thing.  I’ll post them later if I can get them.

Check the comments below as well as The Facegamer forums for help. There’s a lot of great people in both areas that contribute additional information, and if you’re one of those people… I really appreciate you. Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to.

Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions

There is no official guide at this time, so all we can really go by is observation and conjecture. Here’s what I can work out:

  • There will be two sets of goals, Blue Carnival Tent and Red Carnival Tent. (Only Blue Carnival Tent is out at the time of this writing)
  • Each set will contain 15 (ouch) goals, and will reward 1 ugly circular 4×50% stove at the very end
  • In order to finish the goals, you will have to complete certain steps of the “Make Cotton Candy” idiocy.
  • You will have to ask for strength (post and ask-for request) in order to  have a crack at the 50% stove at the top of the strongman meter. It isn’t clear as to whether the stove is 4x or not. The picture “looks” like a 4x, but I’ve seen some 1x stoves with that pattern too.
  • It is unclear as to how much strength you will need to get that Strongman stove, making it hard to judge the difficulty of that portion of the event.
  • You will need to build the Blue Carnival tent. You can get to the builder for it by following this link.
  • You can find the Red Carnival Tent Parts gifter by following this link.
  • Once you build the tent, you will have access to minigames. (games within games? *mind explodes*)
  • The first mini game is a memory card match.  Your reward depends on how few sets of flips you do. I am not good at it, so I generally land in the “9 flips” range, which lands me a free quest item. Whooptie freaking do. Like I need that. I did get 10 flips once and it gave me a single serving of something I needed for a goal. My excitement. I can’t even describe how excited this makes me.  Why am I still playing this stupid game?
  • Every time you play a mini game, you get a “play”. When you rack up 200 plays, you get another ugly round 4x ultra  stove (4×50%). Hey, at least it’s useful, even if it’s an eyesore.
  • To play the mini games, you must collect tickets, which you can ask for via post every 12 hours (yeah, 12) or buy them.
Please feel free to add anything you discover in the comments below.

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  161 Responses to “Cafe-World – The Carnival Goals Help (Timed EVENT)”

  1. avatar

    So far all the Blue Tent items have been working on the Red Tent goals including the Nails for Blue Tent on Red Tent!
    I have been using FG now for over a year and half now and when I wasn’t able to play for a few months when I moved, I would never have gotten my goals caught up if it wouldn’t have been for FG! Love this site and greatly appreciate all the work you do to make this site what it is! If you ever need any help what so ever, please feel free to ask. I also have all the highest scores among my friends on Hidden Chronicles as well, if you ever want help with that~ scoring over 2.3 mil in Living Room and clearing it completely scoring over 2.3 mil in Ski Lodge and clearing it as well, scoring over 2.1 mil in Tut’s Tomb and Machu Pichu, and scoring 1.9 mil in St Peter’s and now clear it everytime within the last 15 secs

  2. thanks for the help with the hammer keli..6787 worked for me too

  3. does anyone know where to find no lie cherry pie. I need it to finish goal 15 in red tent

  4. pink cotton candy goal 13….11 bags of ice and 12 blenders where are the items ???

  5. I’m on #11 of 15 red goal; bump, bump. I am posting for “fabric for chairs” but don’t find it on the list. I’m almost done but thought you might like to add for others.

  6. Where can I find the links for free food?

  7. Does anyone know how and when you will earn the Sno Cones to cook in the Freds Catering III????

  8. avatar

    HELP!! Where/how do you unlock No lie cherry pie?

  9. I could not find the fabric for chairs on the list. Just thought I would let you know. THANK YOU for all of your help!!!

  10. GID is 6978

  11. avatar

    where can I find the first and second place ribbons?

  12. I am struggling with parts for make cotton candy, is there links on here and i’m just missing them, I have been scouring through but maybe not looking in the right place.
    Hope someone can help , thanks in advance

  13. avatar

    You don’t have the fabric for the chairs for part 11on blue cotton candy

  14. Just found out in order to cook No Lie Cherry Pie in the Pink Cotton Candy Goal 15, you have to master level 9 in the Ancient Recipe’s Quest!!! …. For those of us who haven’t had time to finish that one, well we better get busy. Won’t get that ultra stove without No Lie Cherry Pie!! ……..

  15. Okay, is there a gid for the Nails for Pink Cotton Candy 1? I just need one more, but the links & numbers listed here aren’t working – seem to be only for the tents. Any help (and helpful CW friends) will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  16. avatar

    I don’t see brooms for goal 15…anyone know?

  17. I never got to level 9 of The Ancient Recipe’s Quest, but the No Lie Cherry Pie is in my cook book. I don’t know how I got it. Maybe Zynga is just being nice and put it there. I would recheck again.

    • I just visited the Zynga Cafe World Forum, and they DID unlock the No Lie Cherry Pie for all players! Thanks Zynga, and thanks Facegamer for all you do!

  18. Is there a help link for the Safe??? I thought I saw it once before, but now I am wondering if I was dreaming.

  19. Is there a link I’m not seeing for carnival tickets? The final goal after playing 200 games is a 4x ultra stove. Each time you play u get a part or a dish which is not that bad. Worth it to me I think. I’ve been able to make it to 50 games so far but that is a far shy from 200. Any suggestions?

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