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Sep 102011


Be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly. There’s further instructions HERE, and a video HERE. If you’re having a problem beyond the help of that – sorry I don’t know what it could be. That is the extent of my limited knowledge. Hopefully, you’ll have no problems.

A “Thank you!” to  Paul, Loren, Graycloak, Kellie,  NevaSand everyone else who has contributed to this article…

Here’s the second half of The Proposal Part 4 goals that I promised. And on time. Alright! Anyway, It’s just the further misadventures of the bumbling Hostess Holly. You still don’t have to build her podium to finish the goals as far as I can tell, but you can find the parts gifter HERE if you need it.

Here’s a quick list of the posts, or you can find more details about each goal after the jump.

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Picture Perfect (7 of 13)
Rewards: 1,000 Café Coins and 100 Café Points
El Menudo (8 of 13)
  • Collect 9 Chili Powder  – SEE THIS POST FOR HELP
  • Serve 30 Random Dishes – different for each person
  • Spice 7 Neighbor’s Stoves
Rewards: Menudo Recipe
Is This Thing On? (9 of 13)
Rewards: 1,000 Café Coins and 100 Café Points
Maine Course (10 of 13)
  • Serve 12 Random Dishes – different for each person
  • Master Menudo through Level 1 – (Mexican) 4 Hours on normal stove
  • Serve 16 Fruit Punch –  (Drink Bar: Basics) 
Rewards: His & Her Surf n’ Turf Recipe
So Sweet (11 of 13)
Rewards: 2,000 Café Coins and 200 Café Points
Cupcake Creation (12 of 13)
  • Collect 10 Tea Leaves – SEE THIS POST FOR HELP
  • Serve 12 Random Dishes – different for each person
  • Serve 12 more Random Dishes – different for each person
Rewards: Elegant Cupcakes Recipe
Elegant Goodbye (13 of 13)
  • Master Elegant Cupcake through Level 2- (Dessert Cuisine) 4 hours on normal stove
  • Serve 20 Random Dishes – different for each person
  • Serve 12 Dark Roast Coffee – (Coffee Machine: Basics) 
Rewards: 3,000 Café Coins and 300 Café Points

IMPORTANT NOTE – These don’t work for everyone. But they work for most people. I make no guarantees, however. There are so many factors involved that I can’t possibly troubleshoot every single person’s problem. I have made available  resources to help you figure out what your problem is, if it’s solvable. There’s instructions on every page. There’s a GUIDE, and there’s a VIDEO. Beyond that, I have no other information. If you’ve read the guide and watched the video, and are STILL having problems, I’m sorry but these are just not for you. Sorry to have wasted your time. Asking me to help you personally WILL NOT do anything because I’ll just direct you back to the GUIDE and the VIDEO, because they’re the sum of my limited knowledge. Whining in the comments doesn’t help anyone, so don’t bother.

I’m sorry for the curtness of the previous paragraph, but I am SO TIRED of dealing with mean and angry people that demand their free stuff now-now-now or else. To the polite people, I appreciate you.


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ATTENTION 3-07-2011 ~ THERE ARE NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLAIMING GOODIES. Read the instructions on Making the Links Work For You Again. There’s a video there too, so watch it! Failure to heed the instructions will leave you empty-handed. ~The Facegamer

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  14 Responses to “Cafe World – The Proposal Part 4 goals 7-13”

  1. Weird up until today and even earlier today they worked for me, but the first few of this new goals wont work, however thank you very much for posting them i know it is a ton of hard work you put into it.

  2. Thanks for everything you do for the Cafe goals! I DO appreciate your hard work, and I have never had one problem following your instructions and receiving items I need.
    I do have a question though.
    I’m working on the Proposal, Part 4, and tried to no avail to collect the note cards. The “graphic” shown on your page for the note cards appears to be the silver napkin rings. I was unable to obtain any note cards, so I was wondering if you could take a look at this?

    • probably not what u did but i thought i better post just in case
      i had the same prob then realised the id number i copied to use in the url was a friend who played cafe but not an actual neighbour – the person has to be a neighbour. took me a while to figure out cos an hour earlier i had gotten some other things and it worked fine…
      anyway good luck.
      and to the facegamer – i love you!! lol

  3. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service – it makes playing CW much more manageable and enjoyable – THANK YOU!!!

    It saddens me to see that you are getting grief from demanding people who clearly don’t realize that what you offer is a gift of help. You have taken great pains to fully explain how to successfully use your free services and state that it doesn’t always work.
    I admit that I had to rely on the youtube video to fully understand how to do the cut & paste part – it took me a few times before I realized that I had to hit the return key after the paste job. You did a great job with that – THANK YOU.
    I would like to think that the people that complain are in the minority.
    That particular personality type tends to be much more vocal than those of us who are extremely grateful for the services you freely offer.

    Please know that many thousands of us think you are absolutely amazing!!!!
    Thanks for all that you do!

    Wishing you a delightful week ahead!


  4. can someone tell me where to find the exotic mixes goal on this site please?
    btw awesome site. to all those that complain – be grateful for what u get! 🙂

    • avatar

      the earlier goals are sometimes missing, if they aren’t on the all posts for cafe world page then its too early to be listed.

  5. I really do appreciate all your efforts in this site if it wasnt for you I would probably never reach the completation of goals in time keft up to my “friends/neighbors” I answer all request to my page wether its apost to my wall or in my cafe. Its to bad I cant say the same for the other shoe. So, I really want to take this time out to say thankyou very much. Its ashame that their are ungrateful gready people out there and if that is the way they choose to behave perhaps they should not revisit your efforts and enjoy the many fruits of your labor. Bless you!!!

  6. avatar

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your help…..I would not be playing those zynga games if it wasn’t for you….Again, thank you so much…

  7. Thank you for taking the time to create and update this page to help everyone. You are greatly appreciated!!!

  8. I appreciate all you do, and am very thankful for all the time you put into making my gaming fun a lot easier.
    Sorry people can be so mean, some people are not happy unless they have something to complain about. If they would just take the time to consider that you do this for them for free, and take away time from your family to do this, maybe they would be a bit nicer.

    Thanks again,

  9. Thank you for all you do. I know that you work hard at it. I love this game because of all of the work you put in. Before I found your site I was ready to quiet playing Cafe World because I couldn’t get the required gifts needed to complete a goal. Thank you again for all you do. Please keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!!

  10. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I just wanted to let you know that your site is amazing. You keep it up to date so we can get our goals done in a fast and timely manner. To those who complain get over yourselves and play the game the hard way if you don’t want help. It might now work for you because you might not understand how to work it. Either way get over it and let others enjoy this site. Again you are amazing and than k you so much for everything you do. The game isn’t fun without a little visit to thefacegamer.com

  12. I just wanted to thank you and your helpers for all you do. You make it so easy to complete the tasks. I want you to know you are truly appreciated <3

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