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Mar 142010

This offer is over, sorry gang. ~The Facegamer
This one’s been out for a few days but its such a good opportunity that everyone should take advantage of it while its still around. All you have to do is go to yellowpages.com (through the link provided below, courtesy of Cafe World) and leave a review of a brick-and-mortar business in your area. I took screen shots so you’d see all that is expected of you.

Click here to go to the Cafe World Coin & Cash page

Step 1: Put a business name and the city where it is.
Step 2: Choose the business from the list on the right.
Step 3- Fill out your review
Step 4 – Connect with Facebook
Step 5 – You’re done!
Where to from here?

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  7 Responses to “Cafe World Tip – Easy Two Cafe Cash”

  1. The link only links us to the FB buy cash and coins, not the yellow pages… something wrong?

  2. please unsubscribe me from vet site i cant pay for it i didnt know they charged to answer i didnt get one so i dont owe as i didnt go thru will the pay part user id SZNRNBOK_1

  3. i need cash please

  4. i need cafe cash

  5. avatar

    I tried this when you posted it, it worked. I just tried it again…got another 2400 servings. SWEET!

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