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Dec 012011

5-23-2012 – This SET has been updated to the new system. It does not need a Friend’s ID to work. ~The FG

Be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly. There’s further instructions HERE, and a video HERE. If you’re having a problem beyond the help of that – sorry I don’t know what it could be. That is the extent of my limited knowledge. Hopefully, you’ll have no problems.

A “Thank you!” to Paul, Kellie, Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

Alright. Yesterday they released goals that you could only participate in if you paid a 39 Cafe Cash “preview” fee, which gave you a chinsy little decoration and the opportunity to torture yourself with a new buildable and some goals.  The premise is that you are to build a VIP table and celebrities sit at it, bossing you around, making special requests, and generally being high maintenance about their visit.  Good times! Did I mention that you should probably not pay for this abuse?  (just saying – it’s your money)

Although there seem to be 8 celebrities, you will not be able to meet them in one sitting. It looks like only a few of the goals are active right now.  But here’s what my friends and I have uncovered so far.

This post is definitely a work in progress. In the interest of getting this information out quickly, I decided to post what I had. Please feel free to add information in the comments if you’d like.

Here’s a quick list of the goal items, and you can find complete list of goals after the jump.

(Not listed below – but might be in future goals)

To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions

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VIP 1 – Welcome!
Rewards:  100 Café Coins and 100 Café Points
VIP 2 – Serving VIPS
Rewards: 200 Café Coins and Café Points
VIP 3 – Serve One VIP
Reward: 300 Cafe Coins and 300 Cafe Points
VIP 4 – First Reward
Rewards: 500 Cafe Coins and 500 Cafe Points
Taco 1 – Scene 1, Taco 2
Rewards: Deconstructed Taco, Random Spice, 500 Cafe Points
The A-List (timed – 7 days)
Reward: Random Spice and 500 Cafe Points

IMPORTANT NOTE – These don’t work for everyone. But they work for most people. I make no guarantees, however. There are so many factors involved that I can’t possibly troubleshoot every single person’s problem. I have made available  resources to help you figure out what your problem is, if it’s solvable. There’s instructions on every page. There’s a GUIDE, and there’s a VIDEO. Beyond that, I have no other information. If you’ve read the guide and watched the video, and are STILL having problems, I’m sorry but these are just not for you. Sorry to have wasted your time. Asking me to help you personally WILL NOT do anything because I’ll just direct you back to the GUIDE and the VIDEO, because they’re the sum of my limited knowledge. Whining in the comments doesn’t help anyone, so don’t bother.

I’m sorry for the curtness of the previous paragraph, but I am SO TIRED of dealing with mean and angry people that demand their free stuff now-now-now or else. To the polite people, I appreciate you.


Where to from here?

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ATTENTION 3-07-2011 ~ THERE ARE NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLAIMING GOODIES. Read the instructions on Making the Links Work For You Again. There’s a video there too, so watch it! Failure to heed the instructions will leave you empty-handed. ~The Facegamer

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  57 Responses to “Cafe World – VIP Customer Preview Goals”

  1. does anyone know if this is going to be available without paying cafe cash in the future? thanks

    • “Preview” would seem to imply that these goals will eventually be open to everyone without paying, but I would like to know if I am reading between those lines correctly myself…???

      • The VIP goals are now released for everyone. There is a catch though. Once you finish a set of goals you have to wait 24 hours for the next one to come up. I have seen posts from people saying their VIP goals are missing so I hope that is why they seem to be missing.

    • yes I asked Chat if we would all get them and she said YES we will all get them … when? … well she didn’t say … I’ll wait …lol …

      • Thanks for confirming…I’ll save my cafe cash and wait too. We all have too much to do now anyway! 🙂

      • From one of the people in my group who as access to live chat and who is doing the VIP goals, she was told by the live chat person that these goals will be available to the general public in January sometime. I think it’s because of Christmas and we will have Christmas themed goals to do before they spring the VIP on the rest of us who weren’t willing to pay for them.

    • I was not aware that the VIP was so short so I contacted them and I was given another quest that requires the deconstrancted taco to lvl 2 and the velvet handkies……..thanks for the great work!
      I only require one of your links, one of my friends number to get all the goodies

  2. i cant find the gifts for freds gifts we need. anyone know where i can find them?

    • avatar

      You can find them here they are located either at the top of the page in the white bar read and you will see it as well as right beside the Amelia Goals

  3. There might be 8 VIPs but, a few have repeated for me. (I’ve served 5 VIPs as of now) – The pattern seems true to the first set. Seat a VIP, it asks for 10 Secret Paparazzi Invites, a dish mastery, and 10 of something. With each 2 new VIPs I’ve had, the mastery goes up by 5 servings – per new dish.

    I’ll keep this updated on what I know. Thanks.

  4. The Lights, Camera! goal was for 10 invites, master Deconstructed Taco to level 2 and 10 other things I can’t remember, but you had them listed!

    The next one is the flashing lights goal – master cocoa cayenne cupcake to level 1 (which was released after finishing the previous goal); 10 secret paparazzi invites; serve any signature dish 40 times.

  5. avatar

    SERIOUSLY??? These other goals are bad enough to make me seriously think about quitting…not about to PAY for more!!!!

  6. Head’s up on this. After getting the Deconstructed Taco,

    Here is what I got for the next steps:

    Serve the Deconstructed Tacos to level1 1 day to cook, 10 to level one. You have to have 10 secret papparazzi invites and 10 red lace.

    Next one you have to go to level2 of the Deconstructed taco which is just 10 (yeah!) and have 10 secret papparazzi and 10 of something that’s already listed. The prize for this is cocoa cheyenne cupcakes.

    Serve the cocoa cheyenne cupcakes (1 day to cook) to level 1 (just 10 again) with 10 secret papparazzi and something that’s listed.

    After that, it’s level 2 of the cocoa cheyenne cupcakes to level 2 (just 10 again) , 10 secret papparazzi and 10 rose buds. The reward is Hot and Cold Tomato Soup

    Now the next one is called : Box Office Hit. 11 secret papparazzi, cook Hot and Cold Tomato Soup to level one (cooks 1 day) level 1 is 15 and 11 satan Bandanas

    Frankly My Dear…. 11 secret papparazzi, cook Hot and Cold Tomato Soup fo level 2 (which is 20) and 11 flashy diamonds. The reward is Fennel Sausage Dog.

    Frank Acting 11 secret papparazi invites, serve level 1 Fennel Sausage Dog and 40 Signature Dishes. It cooks for 1 day and 15 is for level 1.

    This is where I have to stop. The 40 dishes are too much for me to spice and go on. I am assuming that the next on will be to level 2, probably 20 to do level 2.

    Hope this helps—I thank you all for the help–couldn’t do it without this, so I thought I would help out.


    • Thanks Lorri…that helps a lot….I guess when I do the overnight dishes I will split them between the cook-a-thon and the VIP since they are both 1 day dishes….but this helps out a lot.

      • As soon as I get the 40 signature dishes to finish Fred Acting, then I will add the next info

      • Thanks for your info, can you also only do one “vip” per day or is there something wrong my side again because no matter what I do I could only do one yesterday and one popped this morning and after completing him nothing again so far :o( What is going on??

    • after the red lace one mine has just vanished i have clicked the table and nothing happens. its been 3 days now since it vanished can you please help.


    • I did mine the other day..level one I guess it was..I did all the stuff and then it disappeared..so I don’t know when more VIP’s will come in..I don’t understand what’s going on

  7. avatar

    Just want to say thanks for all you do to help us all progress thru this madness that Zynga has created. Sometimes as you know we have 3 big items cooking and the begging is far and beyond but thanks to all of you that have helped I can only say “BLESS YOU”

  8. I want to thank you for this website in general, and for the Cafe World in particular. I will be waiting until this one comes available to everyone. I have too many other things to finish to start another one early (and pay cash for). Your site has allowed me to actually finish some of the goals, and get almost done with others (the cooking is going to take the bulk of the time, even with spices). I agree with Hollie “BLESS YOU!”

  9. Yes I agree 100% with the comments that you are very much appreciated. Without Facegamer I know I wouldn’t be able to finish my goals as fast as I have. I do have a wonderful group of friends/neighbours who help out alot with catering and requests but when I get behind in the goals, I hate asking them for stuff for older goals when I need to ask for the newer ones. So I usually use Facegamer for the older ones so that way I don’t bombard my friends with so many. Facegamer you are a lifesaver and I know that I and most of my friends would be lost without you. Thank you very much for all you do.

  10. I’ve been told by a member of my group that there are 70 GOALS! Like the rest of you, first, I have a LIFE! and 2nd I am slowing trying to make my way through the “great” cook-off (only level 37 — maybe I’ll be done by April!) I am going to wait for it to be free.

  11. Thanks for the help 🙂

  12. avatar

    First of all I really want to thank you for all that you do !!!
    Then I have to ask if you know what has happened to the option of Live Chat
    I can only get things resolved most of the time when I speak directly with a rep
    the e-mails are never truly addressed and take 3-4 days for a response
    I am having posting issues …Thanks again 🙂

  13. Facegamer you rock! I’m speeding thru this goal so fast. Its nice that the help was already here before the goal was put out. Love it! Keep up the great job!

  14. Ok after Fred Acting, you have Rising Star. I calls for 11 secret paparazzi, 11 red laces and getting the Fennel Sausage Dog to level 2 (I can’t remember what it was originally, but i had to do 14more, so it might be 15 or 20-it was a few days ago. More to come after I get this cleared. Lorri

  15. How do you make the VIP people come to your table? I have the table finished and completed the first goal of Scene 1, Taco 2.. But it has been more than a day and no other goal has popped up.. Am I supposed to be doing something?

  16. Ditto what Kristi says. I finished the goals that are outlined on the “facegamers” listed and had only a few VIPs come but now no more goals nor VIPs. Have the people that are talking about more items and serving dishes that I haven’t gotten to yet, ones that possibly PAID for the VIP goals? I did not. Thank you.

    • I did the deconstructed taco goals and got the cocoa cayenne cupcakes but the new goals haven’t showed up yet. Do I have to wait for another VIP to show up?
      I cooking the cupcakes now………… Any suggestions would be welcomed….

  17. From Zynga support..

    December 8, 2011 (3:29 PM PST)
    How long does it take for the next VIP quest to appear?
    If you purchased the VIP early access, you can play through all of the VIPs without waiting. If you did not purchase the early access feature, you have to wait 24 hours for the next VIP to appear.

  18. everyone is saying if you don’t pay for the VIP quest you have to wait 24 hrs before the next session will come up .. well I finished the first set 3 day ago … and my icon disappeared and nothing has come back … guess I’m done cause I’m not paying to play this game !!!

    • Not true. Everytime you serve the V.I.P guest and it’s completed, another V.I.P guest pops up at bottom, you welcome that person and they sit at the table then you’re on another goal which shows how long you have to serve that person. Hope that helps.

      • Hi Julie,but my V.I.P quest did pop up at bottom,but the mission did not appear at the left hand side.Even i click on that person n the table,also no response.

  19. Oh and I haven’t rec’d any of the Taco quest yet !! do you have to pay for those also !!

  20. I’m on Georgia Glitz V.I.P not sure what order this is going. But it’s 10 Secret Paparazzi Invites, Master Cocoa Cayenne Cupcake to level 1 A Day to COOK, and Serve 40 Signature Dishes! I have 6 days to get this finished. I hate having other goals and Tony Moon on top of all this. About to QUIT, I appreciate FG so much for all the help, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t get tasks done 😉 thank you

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