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Jan 132012
A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Kellie, Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

1-17-2012 ~ Fixed pages to open in new window. I apologize for any inconveniences you suffered prior to the fix. ~The FG

Be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly. There’s further instructions HERE, and a video HERE. If you’re having a problem beyond the help of that – sorry I don’t know what it could be. That is the extent of my limited knowledge. Hopefully, you’ll have no problems.

So, finally Espresso Joe and Latte Lisa are getting hitched.  It’s about stinking time, actually. But it couldn’t come at a worse time in out Cafe Worlding careers.  So the dilemma we face as players is whether to finish our Buck Bradshaw’s 4x Bonanza stoves (if we’re not done) or to focus on these new goals.  In this set of timed goals, you can earn his and her matching  stoves – one per week – and if you get both, they become 50% stoves, or some nonsense like that.  So you will have to figure out whether it’s worth the committment. Get it?  Committment? Wedding? (sigh)

Link to the Guestbook Buildable: follow this link
Link to the Wedding Cake Buildable: follow this link

I don’t have a complete quest for this one either. Honestly, does it even really matter? You know it’s just going to be “cook this random thing”, “spice this”, “visit that”.  Nothing that I can really tell you about to make things easier for you.

So instead, here’s the list of items that will probably be used in this set. Each page has 14 links on it, but you will probably not need that many. And if you need more than that, then just refresh the individual page and the timestamps will refresh.



To discuss this and other things Cafe World, please visit the new “The Facegamer” forums: Cafe World Discussions

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IMPORTANT NOTE – These don’t work for everyone. But they work for most people. I make no guarantees, however. There are so many factors involved that I can’t possibly troubleshoot every single person’s problem. I have made available  resources to help you figure out what your problem is, if it’s solvable. There’s instructions on every page. There’s a GUIDE, and there’s a VIDEO. Beyond that, I have no other information. If you’ve read the guide and watched the video, and are STILL having problems, I’m sorry but these are just not for you. Sorry to have wasted your time. Asking me to help you personally WILL NOT do anything because I’ll just direct you back to the GUIDE and the VIDEO, because they’re the sum of my limited knowledge. Whining in the comments doesn’t help anyone, so don’t bother.

I’m sorry for the curtness of the previous paragraph, but I am SO TIRED of dealing with mean and angry people that demand their free stuff now-now-now or else. To the polite people, I appreciate you.


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  68 Responses to “Cafe World – Wedding Woes Goal Help”

  1. After a quick count I see 34 different items to collect. . . or buy of course. I never minded asking for one or two items to complete a quest. I even defended this mechanic since the game is free and needs to support itself with new customers or sales. I’m sure there is a point where the work required to finish a goal (or cash) isn’t comparably equivalent to the reward.

    When the effort began to out pace the reward, I found this site extended my enjoyment of the game for several months, but even being able to get the items for “free” means taking time to set all of them up and it’s too much for me.

    So what do you get after you buy or harass up dozens of each of the 34 new items? A new recipe? A stove? I’m just curious. It certainly isn’t the reward of enjoying whatever you get cause there’ll be new items along in a few days.

    • If you’re able to finish all the goals in the two weeks, you get two ultra (50%/4 burner) stoves. One for the bride and one for the groom. But they only become 50% if you are able to get both of them.

      • So if we get the 2 50% stoves and if we have the 33 right now. Can we exchange 2 out and still get to keep the number of stoves we have or does it eventually take us back to our orginial 28 stoves since the 5 are ‘temporary’. will I have 28 again or 35??

      • we have been granted 3 extra permanent slots now so now we have 31 instead of 28

    • I am very dissapointed in all the wuests. I can not post items to build the needed tables,items for the quest etc. nor can I send a request to friends for help.
      I have sent zygna many emails and they tell me to use chrome or foxfire and neither seem to wotk so now I am way behind an not finish the wrapping, nut roaster, vip, or wedding to name a few.

      • I got the 4x stove for the bride. When I tried to trade it out for a single burner 50% stove since I know it will be a 4x Ultra when I finish the grooms goals it took a stove away from me but let me have 32 not 33 anymore 🙁 I wonder if that will happen when I add the grooms stove but better to have 8 50% burners than 4 individual ones..It still gives me four extra so I am grateful for that at least. I am also SO GRATEFUL for this site and all the work that is put into it to help us along in our quests..THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

      • Hi Jason!Excellent cnotent, I liked the video aswell. I just checked the blog you managed to rank high, and it’s very impressive, considering that I did not see too many backlinks to it. I am definitely interested in how you did it, good job!Anyway, I opted in with my primary e-mail address (lol, you can see I want to get your material), but still did not get your “report” so far.When should I expect to get it? Or could you send me to my e-mail address?Would be appreciated!Can’t wait, take care,Daniel

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    Thank you for having this up so quickly. If it weren’t for your site, I would have quit CW months ago!

    • Co-sign!!!!

    • Ditto!! Ty for getting this up so quickly~!
      I am very curious about this 10% less cooktime on everything… i wonder if it’s the wedding dishes or a permanent decrease?
      Tanks to you- Buck is behind me – i finished the web cafe & meals on wheels (which i had postponed for Buck) literally an hour before this rolled out.

      • It decrease time on all dishes,even on 50% stove. I think guest book is going to stay, you just have to hire wedding party, its going to work the same way as serving susie etc

    • What happened to the Tony Moon(Great Cook-A-Thon) Goals?????????

      • About Tony Moon, not sure what happened but I now have 2 suitcases. the stamps are different but the food is the same. i skipped a couple levels(let them expire) they have apparently come back to haunt me.
        About the Wedding goals. I finished the week one goals. when will week 2 goals show up? cannot believe there will not be a quest.

      • avatar

        The timer has been taken off both the Tony Moon and VIP goals (permanently, apparently!!!), so that is probably behind the reappearance of the levels you skipped.

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        does anyone know how many vip goals there are i am on stand ins now, i think it’s never ending just like cook a thon

      • For the VIP goals, look in your cook book. It will tell you what foods you still have to earn through the VIP missions. (I felt the same way)! I looked in the A-Z, and then to the very end, past Z. That’s where all the food was that I still have to earn.

  3. Thanks for updating so quickly, I for one will be trying to get this goals done as I am only in the last two upgrading quest for the Buck Bradshaw’s 4x Bonanza. Others I am sure will be skiping them as the Bonanza are much more rewarding, if I wasn’t practly done with them I would probably skip this one but now I don’t think I can keep myself from given them a try.

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    Thank you for your quick turnaround on this. You help make this game more enjoyable and you help make the goals attainable again. You’re SUPER!

  5. Do you have the rose petals ? I didn’t see them on the list. Thanks to glitches or whatever, I am not able to send out requests and could really use this item. TYSVM for everything you do to make our cafe world life easier!!!!

    • The request I sent out for the tablecloth I needed (and still do) ended up not going to the wall, so I can’t send out another request for a while. 🙁
      Zynga says that the ‘engineers are working on the problem’.
      It would be nice if they fixed everything before starting up new stuff, like new games or even new goals or quests for the current games.

      I am not whining about FaceGamer, as she has make my life soo much easier with this game!
      Zynga, on the other hand has too many things to count to whine about. 😛

      • Tablecloths are in the parts gifter section of this site as its a buildable part. you need to get a friend (one who uses this site) to send them to you through link, right click on icon to open new tab for however many you need before sending.

    • Rose Petals are in the parts gifter section of this site as its a buildable part. you need to get a friend (one who uses this site) to send them to you through link, right click on icon to open new tab for however many you need before sending.

  6. Thank u for all these……….You make my life easy in my cafe… 🙂

  7. Thanks for you website. I would have quit months ago if not for you help!

  8. hello… first of all, thank you so much for all your helps and hard works… just to inform that camera GID 5516 is not working with me… thank you again…. have a good day

  9. Hi is there a way to make the url to gift food like the items?

  10. oh oh of course, i panicked for nothing! they still work!!! LONG LIVE The FaceGamer!!!!!!

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    I am still torn on whether to continue to ditch the other goals in favor of the wedding goals.

    It sounds like a rip-off that you are required to do both to turn the stoves into 50% stoves. If not, you’re just better off making lightning stoves. You’ll probably end up with more lightning stoves than the time and effort it would take to finish and get only 2 stoves. *sigh!*

    Sorry but I was hoping to get a breather and catch up and just looking at the amount of things you would have to cook and ask for doing this new set of goals means you’d permanently ditch the other goals you have put on hold for the stove bonanza. I guess I am just tired. *sorry. 🙁 *

    • I beilieve is more practical to finish the stove bonanza which are more stoves, and the aproach this goals as the are pretty quick to get through..


    • avatar

      Just a guess – there’s still 3 days and 5 hours left in Week 1 of the wedding extravaganza as I type this. The Week 2 goals likely won’t roll out for anyone until Week 2 actually starts. Kinda makes me wish I’d taken a more leisurely approach to Week 1…

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    I really can’t express how much I appreciate the effort you do. I gave up on cafeworld then I found you.
    so I am still working to finish the bonanza have one on the 9th and two on the 8th it is just tooooooo many dishes and they require a long time to cook.

    So I just started the wedding goals yesterday. Does anyone know if we have two weeks to finish both or one week for each? I am on the forth goal and have three days left.

    thanks again for all of you

    • It is 2 weeks for BOTH goals. So my recommendation is to use facegamer to get the items, and start cooking like crazy, OR if you know the Cafe World Wikia site and their GID #s, then just plug them in.

  14. Anyone else having a problem with the wedding goals not opening a new window? It’s so much faster when a new window opens and you don’t have to keep hitting the back button. Is there a way I can change it back? Thanks!!!

  15. I had no problems with a new window opening in the wedding goals. I did however have a problem with the black parts of black stove, I couldn’t get a new tab to open, so I had to keep hitting back. Got them and ALL goals done. Am now waiting for the 2nd part of the wedding goals. Thank you So very much Facegamer. I quit this game for about 6 months due to all the problems and roll outs and esp not being able to get parts, but a friend introduced me to you and I am happy again, until all the problems begin again.
    Also on the 10% decrease time, I noticed the time only decreases on 50% stoves…thankfully I got rid of all 10%ers 🙂

  16. Hey I was wondering if there was anyway that you could help me out? I can’t ask for ANYTHING at all from posting on wall or in game…. I can’t even ask for ppl to help me with serving suzie or the other one…. it sucks…. anyway the only way I can even get this task done is for someone to send me the parts for the guest book….without being able to finish that I can’t even go to part 3 of the quest… I have tried posting it on my wall but am not getting any help with it… can you let me know… Without your help I would never even have gotten all of my 4 X stoves and I thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!! You are a lifesaver!!! Thanks again and I will try to keep getting ppl to help me…

    • Not sure if you are still looking for help or not. The Zynga/FB issues TFG cannot assist with. But the in-game builders that you were talking about are listed in the Buildables section. Go there, follow directions for that item, should be good to go. If that isn’t working for you, ask a friend or two over FB chat to click links for you (you send them the link from the page and they click it, works this way also). 🙂

  17. does anyone know the gid for the new goals farmers markets goals…..

  18. Hello,

    I completed my Bride’s Stove goal in 4 days & I have been waiting since then to start the Groom’s goal but it hasn’t shown up. Does anyone know if we have to wait for the entire week to expire so we can then start the Groom’s Stove goals???? Now I have 8 days left & I just want to make sure…. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks

    • I was just going to ask that same question. Time keeps running, but still no Groom’s goal They should give back the time we’re losing. It’s great that I got my 50% stoves in time, but just wonder if they’ll increase cooking time now. It seems we must cook more and more of everything. Would be nice if we could get neighbors to help on all food. Can’t complain. My neighbors are great.

  19. does anyone know why the codes don’t work for the cake? do we need a parts gifter?

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