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Aug 302012

These goals go from August 30th, 2012 until September 13th, 2012.

You can the following information to plan crops ahead so you can blow through the quests as fast as possible. Wherever possible, I have pointed out the bushels you will need to craft things in the Craftshop,  Plan accordingly. You may have to buy bushels in advance, ask for them, or plant those extra crops if your friends aren’t being helpful. The last few goals have a large amount of long grow time crops, so try to knock out the easy ones quickly so you have time.

Wherever you see a notation such as this: (200=12×16 + 8 plots)

This is meant to tell you how many sets of 16 to plant of this crop,  since currently the maximum size of a combine is 4×4(16). So in the example above, you would plant 12 4×4 plots, and then 8 extra to reach a total of 200 crops planted.  That’s how I keep track of what I’m planting, and I plant 3-5 quests ahead whenever possible.

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