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Aug 292012

Hello  Here’s a map of every item in the brand spanking new FASTFIND map, CBS Newsroom, part of Zynga’s Hidden Object game, Hidden Chronicles. This should be everything on this map, but feel free to correct me in the comments in case I’m misssing something.

To unlock this FASTFIND map in your game, you are supposed to watch Big Brother on CBS at 8pm Pacific on 8-29.  There is supposed to be a URL they show during a break that unlocks it. I understand that this is unfair to people who aren’t in the US or who don’t watch TV (such as myself).  Zynga understands this too and has promised to make it more accessible for the rest fo the world on Friday.  However, with the link from the show, it shouldn’t matter where you are.

Here’s the Unlock LINK:  According to Zynga, “Sorry, this event is now closed and promotional offers are no longer valid.”

I would like to do more of these. They’re very time consuming though, so I’d like to do them in the order that they’d be most helpful to you. If you like this, let me know the map you want to see next!


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