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Apr 032010

This is what you will see if you are successful.

NOTE: This offer might be over. There are mixed comments below – some people saying they can get it, and some can’t. If Zynga took it down, gratz to the people who got it, and sorry to the people that didn’t. 🙁 ~The Facegamer
Click on the picture below for one free FV dollar. No catch. No need to invite all your friends to a crummy group. Just click and enjoy. Not sure where it came from, but it *seems* official. You can thank Zynga for this one free dollar. Probably from the Farmville mailing list which I never get, even though I gave them my email address. X) Continue reading »

Mar 262010

This no longer works – Zynga shut us down! Sorry gang! �~The Facegamer

Well, I seem to be a little late on this one, but I hope you’ll forgive me. Click on any of the pictures below to send THREE eggs of that color to your friends. When they click ‘Send a Thank You gift’, you will get THREE in return. Continue reading »

Mar 212010

Because a few people asked for it – You can use these links to gift the 5 giftable collections pieces: Dragonfly, gloves, needlepoint, green plume and emperor butterfly. I considered tacking this on to the easy maison and stable post, but then I got lazy. 😛

If you need these pieces, or just find this post useful, please [fb-share] it with your friends!

Click here to go to the Maison and Stable pieces …