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Multi-Game Swap Meet – July 10th 2013

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Jul 172013

Welcome to the 3rd Multi-Game Swap Meet.  What I aim to do here is have a daily compilation of all of the freebies that I can find for as many Facebook games as I can.

I thought I’d be able to do this daily, but having been down with a cold for the last week, I see that’s probably not going to happen.  I’ll try to do them 2-3 times a week, but I am still working out what the best days to do it.


Here’s what you do. Visit every day, and see if there’s a freebie for your game.  Also, please share the link with your friends, so they can also benefit from this service. Continue reading »

Jul 092013


Hey Gang, I’d like to introduce a new feature on the blog called the Multi-Game Swap Meet! What is going to happen here is that once a day I’m going to compile a listing of all the gaming freebies that I’ve found across Facebook the day before. Usually the things that show up on fan pages, twitter, and through promotional emails.  I’m still trying to get the kinks out of making this feature work though, so please feel free to leave constructive criticism or suggestions in the comments below.

Important:  It is possible that these links will expire after some time. When this happens is out of my control, and is based on the individual game.  If you find one that has expired, please comment below as to which one and when (date/time) you tried it. This way, other visitors will know when one’s not working and skip it.



Rummage through the freebies below – hopefully you’ll find one for a game you play! Become a fan of The Facegamer fan page (link in left column) and get notified when more freebies pop up!

Here’s today’s compilation: Continue reading »