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Feb 042012
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How to use the FG Mart Frequently Asked Questions 

This page was last updated on Septenber 12th, 2015.
🙂 If you are having problems collecting gifts, please read the FG Mart FAQ for everything I know regarding troubleshooting. If you like the FG Mart, please share this with your other Farm Town friends. It really helps me out when you help others. Thank you ~The Facegamer

You guys asked for milk and eggs, and that’s what you shall get! As usual, these gimmies are hit-and-miss. For some people, they won’t work. Some days they’ll work for you and some days they may not. Keep checking back. You might need to wait 24 hours or more between attempts. If you just *can’t* wait, there’s a list of Farm Town gift groups at the bottom of the FG Mart page. I’ll try to update these when I can, but that’d be once-a-week, if that.

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Apr 182010

I see this scam in some form every single day. They all claim to unlock a 66×66 farm so you’ll have more room for crops/decorations/animals. All you have to do is give away your vital information, such as a phone number, address, financial info, or your soul. Well, I’m sort of tired of *nicely* telling my friends that it’s a scam. So I’m writing this.

Here’s what a 66×66 farm WOULD look like, if it were real. Just seeing the sheer size of it should put you off. Select the small picture below for a LARGE picture. Continue reading »