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Jun 142011

12-25-2010- Hi again. As you probably know by now, Meteor patched the old links, making it harder for you to get freebies. I think I may have figured something out, but it still needs testing. Please try these for a few days and see if they work out better. People are able to get between 3 and 5, if they’re able to get any. Also, THERE ARE NEW INSTRUCTIONS.  If you have HELPFUL feedback, please contact me using the contact form on the About page.  (Saying “These still don’t work, Waaaaahhh” is not helpful feedback. Provide information. What you tried, what error did you get, etc.)~The FG

Hello my Island Paradise friends. I am currently trying to rearrange the Island Paradise stuff on the site for you. As it stands right now, everything seems to be all over the place.  So bear with me, please. I don’t play this game anymore, and so I’m sorry I haven’t done this sooner. Please feel free to contact me on the About page if more IP stuff needs to be added.Tuesday 6-14-11: Added flamingo, alpaca, kiwi, turtle, seagull, and white peacock.
Tuesday 04-5-11: Added Mole (animal)
Saturday 02-05-11: Added Valentines Heart Token, Valentine Balloon, and Starter Box. Thanks for waiting 🙂
Monday 12-19: Added Fertilizer. Christmas stuff on a different page.
Thursday 10-14: Added Tiki Vial, Iron Pot, Cacao, Apple, and Starfruit Trees. Note that the Orange, Lime, and Banana trees are not giftable anymore, but you can still collect them from here.
Sunday 8-29: Added Mystic Banana.
Sunday 12-25: removed some of the non animals/trees for the sake of space. You can still find them on the Frequently Used Gifts page.

Here’s another ‘Gimme’ that works the same as the barn materials post I made a while back. You can claim up to 5 of these gifts per day (24 hours or so). THIS MIGHT NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. If it doesn’t work for you – sorry. You can try again tomorrow if you want. I have some troubleshooting tips at the bottom of the post.

Also, the “five” includes the barn materials – you can’t get 5 of these and 5 of those. It’s 5 *total*. Continue reading »

Sep 112010

Updated Nov-10: Fixed Links so gifting works yet again. Will add the rest of the new gifts later. Sorry for the delay  ~The Facegamer

This is a gifter for Baking Life – not free stuff. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a Gifter is a page that allows you to gift hidden or restricted items to your friends. In this case, it removes the level restrictions on all the Baking Life gifts. I’m fully aware that it’s probably only going to be used to gift carrot cake (level 41 restriction normally) but I thought I might as well just include everything. I’m only level 25, so I’m happy I was able to find this. My friends probably are too (Not sure if they noticed the carrot cake gifts from the newbie BL player) 😛 Continue reading »

Jul 112010

Looks like it used to work and now it doesn’t. I’ll leave this page up in case it starts working again, but I doubt it will. Hope you got a buncha stuff before Zynga changed it. Closing comments since I’m tired of repeating myself when all the information is right here. Yes, we all know it doesn’t work anymore. I’m unhappy about it too. *grumble*~The Facegamer

Ahh, finally. Something for FrontierVille. Better late than never- I hope you agree! Here’s a bunch of building materials to help you along. It really takes a ton of them to get anything done, right? By the way, I want to thank “Ultimate Goddess” for helping me figure this one out. Thanks! Continue reading »