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Sep 142010

NOTICE 9-23 – If you are having problems, try refreshing the new page that opens once you click on a pic. It’s a Farmville problem and nothing that I can fix. It’s only affecting a few people though. Also, you can try pressing CTRL and F5 when looking at the new page that opens. Hope that helps. ~The FG

Hi Everyone, here are all five of the nursery parts so you can gift them to your friends! This a gifter post, which means you can only use these links to gift to others. But you can still use it to your advantage. If you need people to send to you, simply
the link to this post on your profile, and let everyone know what you’re looking for. Continue reading »

May 302010

ATTENTION (June 03) – Zynga disabled the gifters. Now you can only use the one that shows up on your gifting page. You’d think they’d fix the bugs with the event before tweaking it like that. Sorry gang. ~The Facegamer.

I hesistated to write about this because the Tuscany Wedding event is not working for some people right now, as of this writing. For other people, it’s just a matter of understanding where everything is – which is explained in the guide below. Here are the links to gift any of the 4 wedding items, without having to wait until they’re unlocked. Continue reading »

May 242010

FishVille has now joined the increasing list of games that love to torture their players with building projects. And this one really takes the cake. After you go through all the begging it takes to get it built, all the treats are bought with sand dollars! Still, some people asked me for help with this one – so I unblocked FishVille long enough to bring it to you. 😛

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