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Jun 022011

What do you get when you cross CityVille and an old, beat up copy of Axis & Allies? Zynga’s newest game, Empires & Allies! Departing from their standard naming convention of ending everything with -ville, Zynga has decided to name this one with the latter half of a 32 year old board game. At this rate, we might expect further games from the Big Z to be named “Farm-opoly” (sequel to FarmVille) , “Suits & Ladders” (corporate management game – R.I.P. Ponzi) and “Hungry Hungry Corporation” (a game in which you control a bloated hippo of a mega-company, and gobble up as many good ideas, or marbles, from other games as you can.)

And actually, Empires & Allies is not so bad…. Continue reading »