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Jul 252010

I love pirate-themed stuff! (And I liked them way before Johnny Depp made them cool in Pirates of the Caribbean). The pirate ship in the Treasure Isle game actually works very similarly to any of the buildings in FrontierVille: First you have to place the construction site, and then “whack it” a couple times for 5 energy each. Once you’re done beating it up, the “finish” stage pops up, showing you how many of each part that you’ll need (and have so far). The parts sit around in your inventory, taking up part of your 250 gift limit, until you gather all of them at the same time. Once you have them all, you can press a single button and, Voila! Continue reading »

Jul 132010

Okay, WHO asked for a beehive? Because they’re saying there’s a popular demand for this thing and I’m pretty sure that people are more interested in the functional buildings (perfumery, winery, etc).that they’ve been teasing us with. Well, whatever. I’m so allergic to bees that I get itchy just thinking about this “feature”.

Anyway, here’s the six gifting links for the Beehive. Only two of the parts are new. The bees aren’t so much a “part” as they are a “resident”. Also, these are not freebies. Just a gifting aid. And before someone says it’s cheating, just realize that iPhone users can send everything without the need of a gifter – so if they can do it, why can’t the rest of us? 😛

Hope this helps. You can share this page with your buddies by using this little blue button. Continue reading »