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Jan 262011

How nice for me that they always sneak these new updates into FarmVille *just* as I’m about to head to bed for the night. So, sleepily, I decided to play around the newborn ducklings. Here are my observations:
It all started when I got my hot little hands on a duckling. I had been purposely avoiding harvesting my duck pond just so that it would be ready when the duckling became live. I have to admit – I am a little disappointed (but not surprised) that they released the duck pond without the duckling feature… as though they released an incomplete product. But, whatever.
In addition to getting a duckling when you harvest the pond, you can also gain them from all sorts of friends newsfeeds. A newsfeed from harvesting can give up to 3 friends a duckling, and there is an opportunity to share more with your friends after your duckling has grown up.
Once you have a duckling, placing one on your farm starts a time-sensitive event. You have a choice of what your duckling grows up into depending on how quickly you get your friends to help you. Yes. This is another begging event. And it’s a doozy. You are prompted to send ask-for-help requests to your friends. You need 7 to complete a duckling. You can send more than 7 ask-for-help requests out if you want. I *strongly* recommend planning who you’re going to send the requests to. Once you place the duckling, the timer starts.
Jan 022011

Yup, I needed another farm game. One that was more challenging, but still familiar. And that’s what I got with FarmVille Chinese! But why is it more challenging? Because I can’t read squiggles! 🙂

Actually, it’s quite interesting to see how Zynga would remake FarmVille if they had the chance to do it again with all the things they learned since the beginning. For one,  it reports a crop’s time until harvest in terms of days, hours, minutes and seconds(!) instead of a stupid percentage like in English FarmVille.

To illustrate my point: Once, my husband looked over my shoulder as I was gaming and asked, “How long is 40% on that crop?”

To which I responded, “Meh?” and shrugged. Continue reading »

Dec 172010

Holiday Tree part gifterHere’s a gifter for the new Holiday Tree project. Normally, everyone gets two different parts that they can gift, but with this tool, you can gift any of the 4 parts.

Well, it looks like Christmas tree to me. <scratches head> I guess I better not get started on that subject. The “Holiday Tree” project takes 4 different parts: 10 Fairy Lights, 5 Charms, 5 Baubles, and 1 Exotic Ornament. The beauty of this gifter is that you can gift the exotic ornament to your friend, and your friend doesn’t have to go through the trouble of playing Treasure Isle to get it.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “gifter”, this is a page that allows you to gift certain things that you would otherwise not be able to. In this case, everyone is given 2 of the 4 parts to gift. With this, you can gift any of the 4 parts. Continue reading »