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Mar 142010

Easy Stable and Maison GiftingUPDATE (April 11th, 10pm PDT) ZYNGA DISCONTINUED THIS A DAY EARLY. I’m just saying this now and in all caps because I expect a bunch of people to tell me that it’s broken. Thank you, I know. I’m unhappy too. You can use the Just the Stable Pieces post I made if you don’t like looking at the maison stuff. Click here for that post.
UPDATE: (April 4th) Looks like Zynga un-retired the maison until April 12th at 9pm (Pacific Time)… Sooooo…. get gifting! ~The Facegamer

UPDATE: (March 30th)The French Maison is being retired on April 1st, at 9pm PST. Be sure to get your gifting done by then! ~The Facegamer Continue reading »

Mar 102010
Jeremiah finds a golden relic.

Jeremiah finds a golden relic.

Unique among games for Facebook, “My Tribe” has you nurture a group of people and teach them to survive on a island full with mysteries. Whether they thrive or “dive”, it is completely up to the choices you make.

If you’ve ever enjoyed Virtual Villagers, then you’ll like this game. In my opinion, I think they did a great job integrating the social aspects of Facebook. when you play it, you can tell that the designers must be Facegamers too. I feel compelled to play it constantly, and even had to tear myself away long enough to write this review. That’s how much there is to do! Continue reading »