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Mar 312010

3-30-2011 – Hello gang. Looks like VIP Dinners and other food stuffs do not work anymore. That’s just how to cookie crumbles. Goal items still work, though you will ALMOST ALWAYS see the “something wrong in the kitchen message.” Hope you got goodies while it lasted. ~The Facegamer

Click on each of the covered dish pictures for VIP Dinner x 200 apiece! I’d like to think of this as an “easter egg” of sorts, but it might become broken at any time so.. knock yourselves out while you can! It might or might not be reusable everyday. I’m really not sure about that, but it’s a possiblility. Bookmark this page, come back tomorrow and let me know either way using the comment section below. Thanks! Continue reading »

Mar 302010

I changed this to just have mystery items, chests and widgets. ~The Facegamer
Here you will find everything that you are able to gift in Yoville as of March 31th. That includes all 4 widgets, 3 chests, 3 sweets, 2 streamers and the mystery items. You might use this if a friend asks for a specific chest or widget. I’ve added the sweets just for giggles. When they inevitably change the gifts, I haven’t decided whether I should update this post or make a new one. What do you think? Please comment below with your opinion. Share and Enjoy! Continue reading »

Mar 282010

Wild Paradise is a new zoo-ish game where you buy, raise, and release wild animals. This is a way to send multiple gifts to the same friend in the same day. It’s not too difficult, but it does take a little planning.I don’t expect this to be around for long, so you may as well take advantage of it. You can use it to help your friend catch up to you, or perhaps exchange favor-for-favor if you trust your game friend. Continue reading »