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Aug 072010

Yesterday, they released another buildable in Treasure Isle called the Tiki God statue. I haven’t finished building mine yet (I seem to be slow at building) but from what understand, it’s completed in stages. You collect a set of parts, complete it, and then it asks for more parts. When you’re done, the statue gives you various different gifts. Please let me know what you get with your completed Tiki God.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “gifter”, this is a page that allows you to gift certain things that you would otherwise not be able to. In this case, everyone is given 2 of the 5 parts to gift. With this, you can gift any of the 5 parts.

How would you use this? For one, you can post it to your wall with a message that says something like “Please use this to send me oil and metal” (or whatever you’re missing). You can also post it and say “Let me know what you need and I’ll use this to send it.” Whichever – be creative. It’s here to help you and your friends get your projects done. 🙂


  1. Select the picture of the item that you want to gift. A new window/tab will open. (It may take a minute or two to fully load – that’s a problem in Treasure Isle and not something I can control)
  2. Select the friends that you wish to receive the gift.
  3. If you need to send different parts, come back here and select a different gift.
  4. Share this page with your friends!

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  23 Responses to “Treasure Isle – Tiki God Statue Gifter”

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    So far I have gotten a painted sad tiki and a purple tiki torch.

  2. avatar

    I have been experiencing MAJOR problems loading and staying on Treasure Isle. It takes my three tries to complete the Monkey Palace. Shockwave snaps and crashes, it all is becoming more work than fun. I LUV THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! Please fix the problems, Thanks

    • I’m having similar problems. Just love the game but takes all the fun out of it by taking so long to load. Some days it simply just won’t load at all. Very frustrating

  3. avatar

    like treasure isle,,, nice game

  4. I got the Tiki Statue and I discovered that you can have more than one.. I am building my second and almost done with it I am not sure how great the gifts are however I am just selling them if I dont want them..I have gotten a happy tiki face and a sad one so far

  5. avatar

    Thank you very much 😀

  6. Katie mentioned having more than one Tiki and some of my neighbors have more than one. How do you get more?

  7. avatar

    on gift request can you add a ask for gift we need to get all parts thanks

  8. Yes you can have more than one, someone said to me they were just digging in maps and it popped up so they went back to their island and placed it. I havnt been able to get a 2nd one just yet.

  9. Any chance of finding links to gift for the Poseidon Relic? All my friends are in great need of these and there doesn’t seem to be alot of people that can gift these parts. Especially the pillars and gears. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  10. So far i’ve got 4 cash, gems, different painted tikis and torchs. Thanks for the links =)

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    We desperately need parts for the Gem Mine and Wishing Well. My backpack is overloaded with parts (not enough to use) and my gifts keep geeting rejected, because my backpack is too full. Not offering balloons anymore either, to increase amount allowed. Please help!

  12. Tiki Relic base can be purchased at the “Store” under Decorations then Plans.

  13. FG, Any chance of a gifter for other parts? I’m desperate for Pillars 🙁

    • avatar

      look for my name in facebook and send me an friend-request (with text, that you need pillars) and I will invite you to my group, where you can find many other links to construction items, animals and other items from the game.

  14. avatar

    LVL 73 I play everyday… please add me..

  15. need TI neighbors anyone willing to be neighbors?

  16. Has anyone any ideas on how I can get back my tiger I have lost it from my gift box?? any ideas would be appreciated

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