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Feb 282011

I Just added a video so WATCH THE VIDEO if you’re having trouble understanding. ~The FG

A word regarding collection…

Since I created the video, Zynga changed goal item collecting AGAIN. The video is still pretty much the same except you don’t see a picture of the item anymore. You will always get the “something wrong in the kitchen” message. Just refresh the game and it should  show up.

If it is STILL not showing up even after you have read the instructions, watched the video and gone through the motions: I’m very sorry but you are done. There is nothing more I can do to help you. I have done EVERYTHING I can POSSIBLY DO on my end to assist you. The problem is something having to do with you specifically. Either there is a problem with your computer that I can’t see, an instruction that you’re not following properly, or your cafe is glitched and if that’s the case, you have even bigger problems.

There are many people that are still able to do this successfully, including myself. So I KNOW it is working. The only things that have stopped working are VIP foods and energy.


Hello gang… I have good news regarding the recent changes that Zynga made to gifting in Cafe World. I’m sure you noticed that recently the freebie links on this blog stopped working. It’s due to a change that they made where you could no longer accept gifts from people who were not your friend.

I spend much of last Friday and Saturday trying to find solutions that would it as easy as it was before to collect goodies. Unfortunately, I cannot find a solution as easy as “Click and done!” like I usually can. You CAN STILL make the links for you, but now it takes just a little effort on your part.

But it’s really not that bad. It’s not so hard at all, so don’t worry. If you’d rather watch a video to understand… please watch this video on YouTube.

All you have to do is open each goodie link as you once did, and change where it says “from=0” to “from=XXXXXX”, where XXXXXX is the Facebook ID# of a friend of yours.

Previously, when you clicked a link, it would say that you got such-and-such item from “Chef Amelia”, who is Cafe World’s pink-haired, pig-tailed mascot. Well, no longer can you get stuff from her. The old links had the text “from=0”. The 0 means it’s from Chef Amelia.. if you change the 0 to the Facebook ID of one of YOUR friends, they’ll work again.

It has to be one of YOUR friends that plays Cafe World. So the number you use differs from person to person.

Here’s what you do:

Part 1: Getting a friend’s Facebook ID#.

You need the Facebook ID# of one of your friends, preferably one that plays Cafe World. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect them in any way.

To get it, all you have to do is go to their profile and look in the address bar of your browser. It’ll look like 1 of 2 different things:

It’ll either look similar to this (with a number in it)

Example 1

Or it will be a vanity name and look something like this

Example 2:

If it looks like Example 1, the number you need is at the end, past “?id=” . Copy that number and put it in your favorite text editor and go to Part 2.

If it is Example 2, keep looking through your friends profiles until you find one that doesn’t have a vanity name.

Part 2: Claiming your goodies

So now that you have the number, all you have to do is open the goodie links (such as the VIP Dinners) as you always do. Yes, you’ll see an error “Uh oh! We’re sorry but it seems that something went wrong in the kitchen!” But don’t worry about that. Look at your browser’s address bar (at the top of the window). That’s the actual link to the goodie.

Look for where it says “from=0”. Put your cursor just past the 0, and paste your friend’s Facebook ID# right there. Then press enter, and you got your goodie!

Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easy for you to collect goodies again.


Head to the BIG LIST of Cafe World Posts…

PS – I don’t normally ask for help but if there’s anyone out there that can help me automate this process for people, I’d really appreciate the help. My coding skills are nearly non-existant. :/ Please contact me on the About page.

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  342 Responses to “Cafe World – Making the links work for you again – regarding the recent gifting changes”

  1. Every time I click the link for my 3 free cafe cash it doesn’t add it to my existing total. Does anyone know what is going on here?

  2. avatar

    Anyone know what happen to Cafe World Support….

  3. I did what the instructions say. I got a total of 4 of the items I wanted but despite refreshing my game as well as the facegamer page I was collecting from, I couldn’t get more. Is there a way I can get all the items?

  4. I can’t find a user ID to use for older goals…i had my sons and now they changed his to ID name…does anyone have id # i can use please..

  5. I can’t find any user with an ID number either. I think they’ve been changed. Oh well, I wish I would have found this site earlier. At least we can still use it with the newer goals.

  6. avatar

    will they ever have the safe cracker goal again,, i just need the power cords and then the part 3 to finish it..thanks all

  7. almost of your links work an have worked ,but a few are sending me to the game …..red lace an mushrooms i give up

  8. As of TODAY it seems all usernames on facebook are the vanity type and not numbers, I have checked all my cafe friends and cant find a unique number amongst them.
    Is there a way around this one guys?

    • About the friends IDs:
      Try using just the number 1 instead of any friend id. Works for me.

  9. The example you give as to how an ID should look . . . it doesn’t look like that anymore.
    It now looks like this ex/ xxxxx.xxxxx?ref=ts
    and I cannot collect anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Try using just the number 1 instead of a friend ID. So it should look like “from=01″

      • Hi all my friends have been converted to vanity names so i took your advice and just used the 1 after 0 as you suggested and works fine 🙂

  10. avatar

    I went for months before you were able to repair my CafeWorld which put me behind in many challenge. Now again I am behind in getting the new stoves. The challenges were fun however, time is too short especially since the final challenge dishes take longer . . Is there any way possible to extend the time, I have really worked hard on this? Give those who completed on time extra cafe points or dishes,but I feel really disappointed right now.Can you do something to extend time so I won’t loose out on everything?????

  11. Facegamer I love you let me start by saying, but i have a question the numbers at the end of the names are just not there anymore they are all vanity names please help, I have some older quest i need to finish up

  12. Anyone else having this problem? I just tried to click on the fishing rods and at first it acted like I accepted the gift through the Zynga gift page. Then I tried again and it said I already accepted the gift. Did something happen that I missed?

  13. are the gold stove items going to be available no one sending me what i need most quit cafe world 🙁

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