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Mar 112010
Celestial Starstone

The Celestial Starstone, one of the many island mysteries...

Most islands in My Tribe start with either a Starstone or a Moonstone, and both are solved in similar ways. Since Stardust is used for so many things, it would be a shame not to solve this right away.

No doubt by now you’ve already used some stardust on one of your tribesmen. Grab ahold of that that person and drop him on top of the stone. You may have to do it once more until you get a message that says that your tribesman reaches into the hole and touches a mechanism inside.

At that point, you will need to use 3 stardust in rapid succession. The star will look as though its filling up. When its full, the mystery will be unlocked and more stardust will fall on your island!

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  3 Responses to “Celestial Starstone Mystery”

  1. Does anyone know about the bush with the bink leaf? It won’t take children and it says that my people arent expirenced enough to make the ground fertile. Help?

    • The solutions for ALL of the mysteries are given in the thread titled OFFICIAL SOLVE THE MYSTERY THREAD on the forum page for My Tribe. The bush that you refer to…the Cornucopia Bush….is solved by dropping ONE tribe person that has BOTH 15 agriculture and 15 science skill onto it. The reward is that it gives you extra berry seeds.

  2. How do you solve ,
    1. The rock that looks like it has blood on it?
    2. The weird root like thing with the blue hole in the middle
    3. The fossilized rock?
    Thankss 🙂

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