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Mar 102010
Jeremiah finds a golden relic.

Jeremiah finds a golden relic.

Unique among games for Facebook, “My Tribe” has you nurture a group of people and teach them to survive on a island full with mysteries. Whether they thrive or “dive”, it is completely up to the choices you make.

If you’ve ever enjoyed Virtual Villagers, then you’ll like this game. In my opinion, I think they did a great job integrating the social aspects of Facebook. when you play it, you can tell that the designers must be Facegamers too. I feel compelled to play it constantly, and even had to tear myself away long enough to write this review. That’s how much there is to do!

Look! I hit the jackpot!

Look! I hit the jackpot!

Tutorial: Very clear. It is very easy to understand. It shows you how to assign tasks to your tribesmen such as fishing and gathering, how to increase your population, and create buildings and clothing. Your tribesmen (and tribeswomen!) can gather fish, stone and wood. As the player, you must also participate in the gathering by picking up shells in the sandy parts, mushrooms in the greener areas, and guano (yeah, bird droppings) everywhere. The developers even suggest bothering the seagulls that are relaxing in the water in order to have more chances to collect guano. Like that’s something I’m looking forward to.

Occasionally stardust and moondust fall from the sky with a dull thud. These items are quite valuable, and you can never get enough of them. Stardust knocks 1 hour off the time it takes for a villager to level up. Moondust makes the old younger, and the young older. Which is useful if you want to make a youngster help the village out without breaking child labor laws. I was considering saving them to keep my tribe elder young, but from what I have seen, they don’t die. Or I haven’t played long enough to see it. (Probably more likely.) I do know that you’ll need a lot of them in order to make the Great Ark. What is that? Beats me…

Is it a fish?

Is it a fish? Or a spitting monkey wearing a pom-pom hat?

Benefits of Friends: Quite a lot, actually. There is no gift-giving in the traditional Facebook sense. However, when you visit your friends, you can collect all the things you can gather on your own island, but your friend also gets a copy of everything you find. Plus, for every friend you visit (once-a-day) you can get a stork feather which is needed to increase your population back at home. You will need a lot of those. You get one when your friend finds one on your island too -in case that needs to be said.

I can easily see myself trying to collect all the recipes and all the seeds, so I’ll be constantly on the watch for the floating crates. This is my favorite part of the game (so far, at least). The crates have a sort of slot machine system to determine what type of item you’ll get. You could get an ultra-mega-rare recipe or a common bottle of dye.

There are puzzles to figure out, although I haven’t solved any myself. Each island only gets a handful of the total possible. I’m guessing that solving them has something to do with the research. We’ll find out.

I’m very happy with the quality of this new release. Not only is there a lot of details things to do, but it isn’t buggy! It remembers what you did (no half-saved Farmville farms here) and it doesn’t even need a Save button like in Island Paradise. I really recommend giving this game a try. Oh crud! I forgot all about my Farmville crops! <zooms>

What do you think of the game?

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  14 Responses to “First Impression of My Tribe, by Big Fish Games”

  1. I actually played this game when it was available through Shockwave. The neighbor add is a nice touch. I can’t remember much about the mysteries, but I wonder if they are related to the original game. Haven’t looked at an old walkthrough to check it out.

  2. i like this game. one major complaint. no zoom out feature. really nuts to constantly have to drag the screen around. miss things. drives me mad. will most likely keep me from playing the game. 🙁

    • I have a problem with that too. It feels like it’s 20-ish short drags around the screen before I find the stork feather, and then I have to do that 199 more times (for the rest of my neighbors)

    • You do not actually have to drag the screen around, the arrow keys work too. The dragging thing was driving me crazy. I wish there was some way to get more neighbors. My friends say they have too many games already to try another one and this one is great! Neighbors are very beneficial.

    • Also I forgot to mention that the map allows you to travel anywhere on the island in one touch and shows most of the things that you are looking for. Try that.

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      Click on the map and you will zoom out.

  3. I think it’s much better than most of the games. It’s social without being tedious. I get sick of gifting and having to accept each gift individually; this game is better because you just get one pop-up when you log in saying “X, Y & Z visited and collected for you 11 feathers, 28 shells and 1 stardust” or whatever.
    The people DO die. One of mine died yesterday. She felt 71, but was actually 81. When they get to 65 or 70 their hair goes grey and you can expect them to die fairly soon. I think physical strength helps them live longer, as does moondust, and the fountain mystery can make them immortal.

  4. I would really like to be able to ‘message’ neighbors. For example. I could ask them to help me Fertilize my crops or something. It’s killing me not having anyone help. I have about 20 but no one really visiting. I need more neighbors. Is there a neighbor request thread somewhere?

  5. Personally i dont really like this game – not enough progression

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    I really like this game because it is smooth and does not have a lot of annoying pop-ups and gay announcements (unless you want them) what you are doing. My next baby will requre 100 stork feathers because my population is presently at 25. I need to solve two more mysteries before I get another island. Still trying to decide who to keep young with moondust, since the ark will take 25 of my 35 available. Decisions, decisions.

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    Your tribesmen can actually die. I logged in today to see that my legendary level gardener had passed away! There was a little tombstone with her name on it next to my farm plots.

  8. Anyone know how you solve the “fossil” mystery???

    • I’ll give you a hint on the “fossil” mystery:

      You need two tribe members who have reached a high level in their respective skills (or one who is high in both, much harder to do).

      The first needs to carefully cut out a sample of the fossil, and the second needs to study it.

      I’ll leave you to figure out the skills and the levels necessary. If you want more information than that, you can find it with a simple Google search…

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