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Mar 142010
Huey, Dewey, and Louis take a visit to "The Big Head Guy"

Huey, Dewey, and Louis take a visit to "The Big Head Guy"

The Stone Head Mystery resembled the Moai statues of �Easter Island, but unlike its real life counterpart, the mystery of these stone heads are easily solved. If you drop any tribesman on it, they experience a feeling of warmth and peace. But then nothing else happens. Have you noticed that when you drop a child on a villager that the frown they had goes away?

What do they have to do with each other?

If you drop a newborn on the statue, a flower appears in one of the cups surrounding it. It HAS to be a newborn. Older children don’t work for this puzzle. With this in mind, it’s very important to drop your newborns on the statue every day while your tribe is new. The cost to raise your population gets very expensive very quickly. �For example, the last child I added cost me 42 stork feathers (that was my 20th tribesman).

What do you get for completing it? I’m not sure – if you find out before me, please comment in the section below. 😉

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  35 Responses to “My Tribe – Stone Head Mystery Solved – SPOILER”

  1. Thanks! This was really helpful. Heaps of thanks!

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    I can’t make any clothing that uses SILK now. I get a #1010 My Tribe Pump error. frustrating. sent e-mails, updated pc stuff…

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    Great tips …I need more neighbours .

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    how to get flowers to plant i now started this game someone help me please

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    i really don’t know how to plant flowers

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    so can somone please tell me how to do it

  7. Does anyone know if the rocks get replenished regularly, otherwise, what happens when we run out of rocks? Thanks.

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    ok so this is toataly off the subject but i had my first villager die today it was one of my ladie scientist,she died @ the age of 81 but she felt 77,lol if i had just used some moon dust i could have put off her demise.

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    Please add me as a neighbor!

    Doubledee Farmer @ travelnurse79@gmail.com

    Danielle Kennedy @ nursedj@hotmail.com


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    i really like this game i need more neighbors so send me an invite thanks

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