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Why Donate?


Because you are Super!

If there is anything that Facebook games have taught us, it’s how to beg our friends and neighbors for stuff.

It doesn’t mean we like doing it though.


First of all, thank you for even considering a donation.  I want you to know that you should not feel required to do so. Please don’t feel any guilt or pressure.  This site is a free service, and will remain free for as long as I can manage to keep it that way.

From time to time, I get people that ask me if they can send me a donation or something like that. I’ve always felt like I shouldn’t take these donations because I would rather you received value for any money that you spend.  In the past, I’ve just referred those people to The Facegamer Store at Zazzle for a t-shirt, mug, or something like that.

But I understand that maybe someone would like to give $5 instead of buying a $20 t-shirt.. so that’s what this is for.

Also, I’ve been told that NOT accepting donations when offered is rude, and I definitely don’t want to be rude. 🙂

What the money is spent on:

  • Server costs
  • Software upgrades and improvements
  • Rewards for people that do a lot to help out me and the site
  • Food and upkeep for my family while my husband is looking for a new job.
    (Usually I just pay for the server out of my own pocket because I love doing this. But money has been really tight lately.And I hate to even admit this.)

So any help that you are willing to give is more than appreciated. BUT I NEED to stress again, that it is not required nor you shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t.  There is no benefit to donating, except that you have my thanks.


If you would like to donate, please click here:  Donate to The Facegamer.


And if you don’t, no problem. You can get to other portions of the blog by clicking the tabs at the top of the page, or by following one of these links below.

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Thank you again for your consideration. 🙂

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