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Jul 152010

During the weekend of July 3rd to July 5th, PetVille was giving away up to 10,000 PV$ if you clicked on links found on the fan page. If you didn’t win when you clicked, you got a pity prize of 1 PV$. Well, these are all those links in one place. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WIN THE 10,000 PV$, just the “pity prize” of 1 PV$. Continue reading »

Jun 152010

Sorry that it took me a while to get to this. I just don’t play PetVille much anymore. Once you’ve opened all the Tahiki Door locks, you are able to build a little hut on the beach you find inside.. or is it outside? Isn’t it odd that you have a beach inside your attic to begin with? At any rate, once you build your hut on your attic-beach, you’ll have yet another room to decorate… And that’s how it works! Continue reading »

Jun 022010

These keys are usable on the new Fairy Meadows also! ~The Facegamer

Recently, Petville released the Tahiki Attic door, in which you need 10 keys to open – 2 of each color key. Problem is, or was, that each player only has access to 3 of the 5 colors in which to gift. From this page, you are able to gift any of the colors. I hope it’s helpful to you. Let me know what’s behind the door! [fb-share]

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