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Aug 112010

Note: My Tribe recently patched which is making these not work right. It might be a temporary thing, so we’ll see if it clears up later. Sorry for any inconvenience. ~The Facegamer

I haven’t covered My Tribe for a while, which I am a little ashamed of, since it was the topic of my very first post on this blog. So I’m getting back to my roots a bit. Here’s a bunch of stardust for you – hopefully all of them will work for you, but don’t be surprised if some just don’t. I can’t really control it, and although I had some friends test it, I don’t know how well this will stand up once thousands of people try claiming this.
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Jul 292010

Looks like they’ve fixed it. Hope you got some while you could. ~The FG

Below, you’ll find several links which are good for an +1 energy tiki in Virtual Villagers. Please read the instructions below to fully comprehend what to do and what to expect. I don’t expect this to work for everyone – but it works for me and everyone that tested it for me. You need to already have begun playing this game. It’s not going to work well otherwise. If you’re interested in trying this out, go here to start playing, and run through the tutorial. Then, if you like it, come back here and claim some energy. Continue reading »

Mar 142010
Huey, Dewey, and Louis take a visit to "The Big Head Guy"

Huey, Dewey, and Louis take a visit to "The Big Head Guy"

The Stone Head Mystery resembled the Moai statues of �Easter Island, but unlike its real life counterpart, the mystery of these stone heads are easily solved. If you drop any tribesman on it, they experience a feeling of warmth and peace. But then nothing else happens. Have you noticed that when you drop a child on a villager that the frown they had goes away?

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